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UK Traffic Light System Explained

In the complex world of travel post-Covid, we explain the relevance of the traffic light system below. 

The following is a guide to the traffic light system which the UK government is imposing on travel from certain destinations. Further below, you can see a table showing which countries are currently accepting UK visitors and what their traffic light status is. Please also see below links to some partners who are offering preferential rates for Covid testing. For information about travel insurance and Covid, visit our Travel Insurance page.

UK Traffic Light System

Measure Green Amber Red
Passenger Locator Form ✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✔ Yes
Pre-departure test before arriving in UK ✔ Yes ✔ Yes ✔ Yes
Quarantine managed at hotel ✘ No ✘ No ✔ Yes
Self Isolation ✘ No 10 days 10 days
Test to release ✘ No ✔ Yes, on day 5 ✘ No
PCR Testing Before or on day 2 since arrival in the UK Before or on day 2 since arrival in the UK Before or on day 2 since arrival in the UK
Additional PCR Testing ✘ No On day 8 On day 8

Entry requirements for Wild Frontiers countries

Please see below the list of Wild Frontiers countries we offer tours in, whether they are accepting UK visitors and their current traffic light status. Last updated: Tue 11 May 2021

Destination Traffic Light Accepting UK travellers? Comments
Afghanistan Amber Yes
Albania Amber Yes
Algeria Amber No
Antarctica Red No
Argentina Red No
Armenia TBC Yes
Azerbaijan TBC No
Belarus Amber No
Bhutan Amber No
Benin Amber Yes
Bolivia Red No
Borneo Amber Yes
Bosnia & Herzegovina TBC No
Botswana Red No
Bulgaria Amber Yes
Burundi Red No
Cambodia TBC No
Chile Red No
China TBC No
Colombia Red No
Congo (DRC) Red No
Costa Rica TBC Yes
Ecuador & Galapagos Red Yes
Egypt TBC Yes
El Salvador TBC Yes
Eritrea Red No
Ethiopia Red No
Finland TBC No
Georgia TBC Yes
Greece Amber Yes
Guatemala TBC No
Honduras TBC No
Iceland Green Yes
India Red No
Indonesia TBC No
Iran TBC No
Israel and Palestinian Territories Green No
Italy Amber No Expected to go Green by end of June
Japan TBC No
Jordan Amber Yes
Kazakhstan TBC No
Kenya Red No
Kosovo Amber Yes
Kyrgyzstan Amber Yes
Laos TBC No
Lebanon Amber No
Madagascar Amber No
Mexico TBC Yes
Moldova Amber Yes
Mongolia Amber No
Montenegro TBC Yes
Morocco Amber No
Myanmar TBC No
Namibia Red No
Nepal Amber No
Nicaragua TBC Yes
North Macedonia Amber Yes
Norway TBC No Expected to go Green by end of June
Oman Red No
Pakistan Red No
Papua New Guinea Amber No
Peru Red No
Poland Amber No Expected to go Green by end of June
Portugal Green No Expected to go Green by end of June
Romania TBC No
Russia Amber Yes
Rwanda Red No
Saudi Arabia Amber No
Serbia Amber Yes
Slovakia Amber No
Spain Amber No Expected to go Green by end of June
Sri Lanka Amber Yes
Sudan TBC No
Sweden TBC No
Tajikistan TBC No
Tanzania Red No
Thailand TBC No
Togo Amber No
Tunisia Amber No
Turkey Red No
Turkmenistan TBC No
Ukraine Amber Yes
Uzbekistan TBC No
Vietnam TBC No

Helping you with COVID-19 Testing

To assist Wild Frontiers clients with the tests required for departing and re-entering the UK from a Green, Amber or Red Zoned Country we have put together a list of suppliers who can provide you with the necessary PCR tests.

Some of the providers below are giving Wild Frontiers clients, with a confirmed tour booking, a discount for using their services. The details of these discounts will be included in your confirmation/final documents.


Diamond Air

Nomad Travel Clinics

The Department of Health and Social Care have also created a more in depth list of providers who meet the minimum standards for Test to Release for International arrivals and/or Day 2 and Day 8 testing for International arrivals.

List of Providers: International Travel & Test to Release