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Located in Central Europe, Poland has a rich, fascinating and sometimes traumatic history.

In its former royal capital Krakow, you can find one of Europe's most beautiful squares, as well as a wealth of Romanesque, Renaissance, art nouveau and baroque architecture. Further south, the extraordinary salt mine at Wielickza consists of labyrinthine tunnels and passageways filled with chapels, chandeliers and statues that offer up a fascinating insight into the creativity and cultural ...

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Health and Vaccinations 

There are no mandatory immunisations for travellers to Poland though you should be up to date with Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio and may consider boosters for Diphtheria and Hepatitis A. Please note we are not medical professionals and so we highly recommend you seek advice from your local GP or travel centre as to the correct immunisations and preventative treatments.  

Tick-Borne Encephalitis (TBE) is present in all forested areas of Poland and travellers visiting these areas are at risk, especially through taking part in outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. Peak transmission season is typically between March and November.  

A TBE vaccination is now available in the UK. Two separate injections are required at least two months prior to travel and so please plan ahead to leave time for both.   https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/tick-borne-encephalitis/  

In Poland the official unit of currency is the Polish zloty.

To check out the latest exchange rate for the places that you are visiting you can go to www.oanda.com

Cultural Sensitivity 

On our tours you will frequently interact with local people, each with their own distinct customs and traditions. We therefore ask you to be considerate and to treat them with respect. Your tour-leaders and guides will always be able to advise you accordingly.  

In the churches and monasteries please dress respectfully. This may mean long trousers for men and skirts for women.  Ladies should also cover their shoulders. 

Language & Religion 

In Poland, the official language is Polish, a Slavic language which holds strong similarities with other Slavic languages such as Belorussian, Serbian, Russian and Ukrainian.

Although there is no official religion in Poland which stands as a secular country, approximately 87% of the population are Roman Catholic. 


Poland is 1 hour ahead of GMT.

A useful website to check the time zone differences is www.worldtimezone.com

Travelling Solo In Poland

All of our small group tours are designed to cater for solo travellers: the number of solo travellers will vary from tour to tour, but usually over half will be travelling alone. Get all of the excitement of discovering new places combined with the security of travelling with an organised group, with like minded people.