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Antarctica is one of the last true wildernesses left on earth. A pristine, freezing desert of snow and ice, it is home to the world’s greatest concentration of wildlife. Here, amongst a breathtakingly beautiful landscape that has changed little since the first polar explorers arrived here in the 19th century, you can find vast colonies of Antarctic fur seals and penguins, breaching humpback whales and graceful wandering albatrosses. Covering an area of some 14 million square kilometres, ...

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Travel to Antarctica with like-minded people on one of our small group tours (usually max size 12), featuring knowledgeable local guides and an expert tour leader.


Classic Antarctica Tour

Discover the majestic beauty and grandeur of one of the world’s last great wildernesses. A dazzling landscape boasting incredibly unique wildlife and sweeping panoramas of ice, Antarctica promises adventure on a scale of unimaginable beauty and scope.
14 days from £7,999


Whether you want to travel on one of our award-winning itineraries or build your own journey from scratch, our expert consultants will help create the perfect tour for your tastes and budget. Below are a few suggestions of the kind of trips we can offer, all of which can be tailored to you.



Antarctic Peninsula Adventure

An 11-day expedition cruise that takes you through the notorious Drake Passage to Antarctica. Explore the endless white expanses and local wildlife with expert guides aboard and the chance to camp on the ice
11 days from £8,455
Classic Antarctica
Signature Trip

Classic Antarctica

Explore the remote southern continent of Antarctica with this classic itinerary. Traversing the infamous Drake Passage, guides aboard will guide you through the journey and daily shore landing attempts
11 days from £5,920

Antarctica: Marine Mammal Science Voyage

A haven for marine mammal research, you can aide scientific research in the area on this two-week Antarctic voyage. Highlights include enjoying expert lectures, helping with surveying and a focus on whale observation
14 days from £9,660

Antarctica: Spirit of Shackleton

This longer three-week itinerary takes in the Falkland Islands and South Georgia before heading further south for some classic Antarctic highlights and experiences before retracing Ernest Shackleton’s route back
21 days from £13,340

Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica

A comprehensive Antarctica itinerary aboard a premium ship, this itinerary takes in the Falkland Islands and South Georgia before heading south toward Antarctica to explore the continent and set foot on the icy peninsula
20 days from £13,640

Quest for the Antarctic Circle

A two-week quest to attempt to cross the seldom reached Antarctic Circle in search of colonies of seals and penguins, marine life and seabirds that call this wilderness home. The voyage is accompanied by expert guides
14 days from £8,335

Wild Antarctica Fly Over the Drake Passage

Push the boundaries of the usual cruises with this 13-day luxury experience, by flying over the famous Drake Passage onto the Antarctic Peninsula to explore both east and west Antarctica aboard the premium Greg Mortimer
13 days from £10,865




Premium | Boat

Akademik Ioffe, Ushuaia

Originally built in 1989 as a research vessel for Russia's Academy of Science, the Akademic Ioffe is now a luxury cruise ship used for exploring the Polar Regions. The ice-breaker is fully equipped for…
Premium | Boat

Island Sky Cruise Ship, Ushuaia

Island Sky, the sister ship of Hebridean Sky, has always been known for its elegance, service and atmosphere of charm and camaraderie. The ice-strengthened ship is an 'all suite' vessel offering a…
Premium | Boat

Sea Spirit Cruise Ship, Ushuaia

M/V Sea Spirit is a comfortable expedition ship with capacity for 114 passengers, featuring stylish suites spread across the five decks. The suites are equipped with king-sized beds, flat-screen TVs…

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