In some quarters, Ethiopia has a serious image problem, with decades of news reports on famines and droughts clouding the perception of the outside world. This is a shame, because the reality is very different. Ethiopia is an undiscovered gem. Home to one of the oldest Christian civilisations in the world, it has an archaeological pedigree to match any and a cultural and natural diversity that can compare with anywhere in Africa. From the rugged peaks of the Simien Mountains, to Lalibela’s extraordinary rock-hewn churches, this is a country of quite unique depth and grandeur.

Occupying a plateau, some 2,500 metres above sea level, its vast landscapes stretch out before you, across vistas that shelter ancient frescoes and wild baboons, the legendary palaces of the Queen of Sheba and the lost Ark of the Covenant. The cradle of civilisation, these are the lands from which modern humans are believed to have first emerged. It can boast Africa’s largest continuous mountain range and largest cave, it has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in Africa and the coffee bean first made its world debut here. There really is nowhere else to compare and anyone arriving looking for a new adventure will leave feeling like they have discovered another world.

Please note that all our group tours are scheduled to be led by our award-winning guide Dario Ghirlanda, who won the Bronze Award in the prestigious 2013 Wanderlust Guide Awards.


Limalimo Lodge is a wonderful property in the Simien Mountains with outstanding views.

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