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Jordan Tours & Holidays

Uncover a modern kingdom with an ancient culture, on one of our Jordan tours. With unrivalled landscapes, magnificent ruins and a traditional sense of hospitality, a Jordan holiday will guarantee lasting memories.

This is a land that has been inhabited throughout the centuries by nomads, biblical prophets, merchants of the exotic and conquering armies of Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders and Ottoman Turks. All have left their mark on the country, from the Nabatean city of Petra, carved from the very rock that surrounds it, to the beautifully preserved Roman city of Jerash, one of the ancient cities of the Decapolis.

Set against the majestic backdrop of Wadi Rum, the haunting deserts so beloved of T. E. Lawrence, Jordan is home to some of the most breathtaking natural beauty in the region. It can also boast the saline waters of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, the spectacular Crusader fortress of Kerak and the site of Mount Nebo, the final resting place of Moses himself.

Following trails that lead back through the centuries, camp beneath the stars amongst the dunes of Wadi Rum, wander the cobbled streets of Jerash or discover for yourself the once lost city of Petra – and these are just a handful of highlights from our Jordan tours. Without a doubt, Jordan is one of the archaeological wonders of the Middle East.


Try a Zarb in Wadi Rum- the Bedouin Barbeque is amazing!

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