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From the parched red deserts of the Kalahari to the shimmering wetlands of the Okavango Delta, Botswana is a land of extremes. One of southern Africa’s more prosperous nations and arguably the region’s most exclusive safari destination, its contrasting landscapes are surrounded by the neighbouring countries of Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa.

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Whether you want to travel on one of our award-winning itineraries or build your own journey from scratch, our expert consultants will help create the perfect tour for your tastes and budget. Below are a few suggestions of the kind of trips we can offer, all of which can be tailored to you.




Search for big game in Chobe

Search for big game in Chobe

Take a game drive around the Chobe National Park; choose from early rise drives or afternoon drives. Experienced, local guides with profound knowledge of the park will prove to be an invaluable asset in finding and learning about its residents.

Safari in a canoe

Safari in a canoe

A unique and breath-taking experience, a jaunt on a Mokoro, a traditional Botswanan canoe, allows you the opportunity to see the wild up close and personal from the Okavango delta. Your expert guide will be there to show you the wonders of the delta.

Take a walking safari

Take a walking safari

Take a safari on foot around the Kalahari Desert to see the local wildlife in their new natural habitat. See elephants, antelopes, lions, leopards, cheetahs, baboons, hyenas, anteaters and dozens of other species that call this desert home.

Search the wetlands for wildlife

Search the wetlands for wildlife

Roam the wetlands to see the home of herds of elephants and Carmine bee-eaters, which can often be seen nesting on the banks of the river, and thousands of birds which migrate during the green season to the most remote and exclusive area of Botswana.

Cruise along the Chobe River

Cruise along the Chobe River

Take a cruise along the Chobe River in search of the range of wildlife, such as elephants, predators and birds, that call this river home. Take to the river in time for a blissful early morning sunrise or gloriously glowing sunset.

See the remarkable Salt Pans

See the remarkable Salt Pans

Witness the incredible Salt pans of North Eastern Botswana. Spanning over 10,000 square km, these salt pans are also a fossil mine, the geology and history are fascinating and they play a vital role in the area's ecosystems.

Get that perfect shot of a meerkat

Get that perfect shot of a meerkat

The desert presents travellers with the unique opportunity to interact with the animated meerkat. The habitual meerkats are not tame but will snuggle up to travellers on cool mornings or climb on heads to use as a viewing post.

Meet the San bushmen

Meet the San bushmen

The oldest inhabitants of Southern Africa for at least 20,000 years, these incredible hunters will show you their tried and true method of hunting, with a bow and arrow. You will be amazed at the prowess and strength of these hunters and their methods.

Track Endangered Wild Dog

Track Endangered Wild Dog

See the African wild dogs of this region roaming the wetlands whilst they stalk their prey. Visit the wetlands between July and August for a chance to see the pups leaving their dens for the first time!


Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Found in the heart of the immense Kalahari Desert, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve covers five million hectares of central Botswana and offers a fantastic contrast to the rest of the country. Visitors ...

Chobe National Park

The Chobe National Park is nestled along the Chobe River in Botswana and is accessed through the small town of Kasane. The area along the river is famed for its huge herds ...

Linyanti Wetlands

The Linyanti Wetlands are found to the West of the Chobe National Park and North-East of the Okavango Delta, offering a superb game viewing experience in beautiful surroundings....

Makgadikgadi Pans Region

The Makgadikgadi & Nxai Pans are found to the South-East of the Okavango Delta and are comprised of 4 principal areas. The pans are characterized by large flat expanses ...

Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is a vast expanse of channels, marshes and islands forming the world's largest inland delta system and is a haven for wildlife of all sizes. Fed by water from the highlands ...


Ultra | Tented Camp

Abu Camp, Okavango Delta

The Abu Camp is found in the Abu Concession of the Okavango Delta, offering guests access to 450,000 acres of pristine wilderness with seasonal floodplains, channels and palm islands all around. With…
Superior | Tented Camp

Camp Kalahari, Makgadikgadi Pans Region

Camp Kalahari is on the edge of the Makgadikgadi salt pans in the Kalahari Desert. The remote camp is laid out in traditional safari style with the library, lounge and dining area under thatch rooves.…
Premium | Lodge

Chobe Bakwena, Chobe National Park

Chobe Bakwena is the closest lodge to the Kazangula Ferry Crossing, just 1.5 km away, and is the first lodge one comes to when arriving into Botswana from Zambia or Zimbabwe. The secluded location and…
Premium | Lodge

Chobe Game Lodge, Chobe National Park

The famous Chobe Game Lodge is one of the original lodges in the park and its only permanent lodge. Whilst relatively large for a safari lodge with 47 rooms, the area of the lodge itself is huge, so…
Premium | Tented Camp

Evolve Back Gham Dhao, Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Evolve Back Gham Dhao sits on the northern fringes of the vast Central Kalahari Reserve offering a wonderful desert safari experience. Uniquely designed and impeccably run, the lodge is perfect for…
Premium | Tented Camp

Lagoon Camp, Linyanti Wetlands

Set beneath a towering grove of wild ebony and marula trees on the banks of the Kwando River, Lagoon Camp is a wonderful place to pass a few days in this game rich corner of Botswana. The views from…
Premium | Tented Camp

Pom Pom Camp, Okavango Delta

Nestled on Pom Pom Island in a private concession in the heart of the Okavango Delta, Pom Pom is a wonderful choice for visitors looking to enjoy what the delta is really about: superb game viewing in…
Premium | Tented Camp

San Camp, Makgadikgadi Pans Region

The remote and tranquil San Camp is situated on the edge of the vast and mysterious Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, the remnant of an extinct super lake that once covered most of Botswana. Turn 360 degrees and…
Luxury | Tented Camp

Tau Pan Camp, Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Tau Pan was the first permanent camp inside the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, famous for its breathtaking night skies, amazing scenery and dramatic cloud formations. The camp is situated on the edge…

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Overall, there is no bad time of year to visit Botswana as the game viewing is excellent all year round. Some areas are best avoided during the rainy season and a small handful of camps close at this time, so please speak to your consultant and they can advise the best time of year to travel for your specific requirements and what you want to experience.

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Health and Vaccinations 

There are no mandatory immunisations for travellers to Botswana though you should be up-to-date with Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio and Hepatitis A. Malaria is present in some parts of Botswana.  

Please note we are not medical professionals and so we highly recommend you seek advice from your local GP or travel centre as to the correct immunisations and preventative treatments. 


The local unit of currency in Botswana is the Botswana Pula (BWP), although USD is widely accepted in safari camps. US dollars from before 2006 are not accepted.  

To check out the latest exchange rate for the places that you are visiting you can go to

Cultural Sensitivity 

On our tours you will frequently interact with local people, each with their own distinct customs and traditions. We therefore ask you to be considerate and to treat them with respect. Your tour-leaders and guides will always be able to advise you accordingly.  

Language & Religion 

The official language is English although Setswana is widely spoken across the country. Setswana has important prefixes which relate to various concepts. ‘Bo’ refers to the country and with the largest tribe in the country being the Tswana people the country name became Botswana. The people as a whole are Batswana, ‘Ba’ referring to the people. 

70% of the country identifies them self with Christianity. There are a minority of Muslims in the country but about 20% of the population declare no religion. 


Botswana is 2 hours ahead of GMT. 

A useful website to check the time zone differences is  

Food and drink 

Most of the food in Botswana comes in the safari camps and is very similar to what you would eat in South Africa. They enjoy their meat, especially beef and goat, although vegetarians and those with other specific dietary needs can be catered for with advance notice. Millet and sorghum porridge are staples while other specialities include Morama (an underground tuber), Morogo (wild spinach), Kalahari truffle, all sorts of beans, and Mopane worms – grubs, which are served boiled, deep-fried or cooked.