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Slovakia is an outdoor lover's paradise, with its miles of walking trails, mountains and lakes.

On our tour we visit the country's Belianske Tatras Mountains, home to Tatras chamois, black woodpeckers and brown bears, and enjoy hikes through the spectacular scenery. Other outdoor activities include rafting in Pieniny National Park, and walks in Slovakia's Spiš region, which grew rich on the trade that once plied the routes through the High Tatras during the 14th and 15th centuries. ...

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Track bears in the wild

Track bears in the wild

Journeying deep into the heart of the Tatras Mountains, one of the last regions in mainland Europe where we can still see bears in their natural environment in significant numbers, and track wild bears with your experienced guides.

Float on rafts through stunning mountain scenery

Float on rafts through stunning mountain scenery

Discover the rich beauty of Slovakia’s national parks, and float down the stunning Dunajec River on rafts, enjoying spectacular scenery as you travel through the 18-kilometre-long gorge.

Meet mountain communities and explore castles

Meet mountain communities and explore castles

Uncover the Medieval charms of Levoca and the Spiš region, and learn about the culture and traditions of the Goral people, who have lived in the shadow of the High Tatras for generations and their villages and architecture still retain a uniquely distinctive style.

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Health and Vaccinations 

There are no mandatory immunisations for travellers to Slovakia though you should be up to date with Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio and may consider boosters for Diphtheria and Hepatitis A. Please note we are not medical professionals and so we highly recommend you seek advice from your local GP or travel centre as to the correct immunisations and preventative treatments.  


In Slovakia the official unit of currency is the Euro 

To check out the latest exchange rate for the places that you are visiting you can go to

Cultural Sensitivity 

On our tours we frequently interact with local people, each with their own distinct customs and traditions. We therefore ask you to be considerate and to treat them with respect. Your guides will be able to advise you accordingly.   

 In churches and cathedrals women should cover their heads with a scarf or hat, while men should take their hats off.   

Language & Religion 

The official language is Slovak, spoken by approximately 85% of the population. Speakers of Slovak use one of three Slovak dialects - Central, Western and Eastern Slovak, however there is an 'official' Slovak language that is now taught in schools. Slovak is closely related to both Czech and Polish and in many cases is mutually intelligible. 

Christianity is the predominant religion in Slovakia, mainly Roman Catholicism. 


Slovakia is 1 hour ahead of GMT. 

A useful website to check the time zone differences is

Travelling Solo In Slovakia

All of our small group tours are designed to cater for solo travellers: the number of solo travellers will vary from tour to tour, but usually over half will be travelling alone. Get all of the excitement of discovering new places combined with the security of travelling with an organised group, with like minded people.