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26th November 2020
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It's news we have all been longing for; the initial success of a Covid-19 vaccine as well as the introduction, from mid-December, of private tests to cut the need to self-quarantine to five days for England arrivals. Although we're approaching these developments with cautious optimism, they're enough for us to start thinking about where we want to go to next!

With this in mind, we've put together this month-by-month travel calendar for next year, to help you not only dream about your next adventure but start making it a reality. We understand that not everyone will be ready to hop on a plane in the new year, which is why we've created this list as a wider guide with information such as when to go for the best weather and exciting festivals and celebrations, making it applicable for 2022 and beyond.

We're still offering £25 deposits for group trips until the end of the year and our Covid Promise still stands, so you can prepare for your next big adventure as soon as you feel comfortable.


Sudan or Cambodia?

If you're sun-starved and in need of some R&R, Sudan and Cambodia are two destinations that are ideal for winding down after Christmas.

Tranquil with a dash of adventure for those who can't sit still for too long, both of these countries offer plenty of culture and incredible UNESCO sites to enjoy in the warm, dry weather.

You'll be blown away by the palm tree-lined beaches on Cambodia's southern coast or the whistling sand dunes and little-known pyramids in Sudan - perfect experiences to set the tone for a brand new year.


Colombia or Vietnam?

You'll be spoilt for choice in Colombia around February, especially if getting back in touch with nature is your thing.

Weather-wise, both Vietnam and Colombia vary depending on where you are in the country, but you'll find comfortable temperatures for exploring or lounging on their respective beaches.

The question is, would you rather be sipping on a fragrant bowl of pho or a steaming hot cup of Colombian coffee?



Egypt or Chile?

For oodles of history, culture and jaw-droppingly gorgeous landscapes, both Egypt and Chile should be top contenders for March travel.

From the architectural wonders of Egypt to the mindblowing Chilean National Parks awash in the colours of autumn, you won't be lacking in amazing sights to take in while the weather is just right - not too hot, not too cold.

So whether you want to relax aboard a slow boat down the Nile or sip on a glass of Chilean wine after an exhilarating trek, you can't really go wrong in March.



Ethiopia or Jordan?

Easter celebrations abound in Ethiopia in the warm month of April, so there'll be no excuses not to join in with a sip of honey wine with the locals. And don't worry about the odd shower as it provides respite from the heat; a pleasant balance the upcoming months will definitely lack!

For Jordan meanwhile, April is perfect for hiking nature reserves by day and wild camping under the stars by night. Much more comfortable than the scorching summer.



Pakistan or Namibia?

May is a safe bet for both Pakistan and Namibia to catch temperatures that aren't swelteringly hot, but also fairly dry. The mountainous regions in Pakistan, particularly, are at their absolute best. 

May provides plenty to do in both countries. Check out the stunning Hindu Kush region in Pakistan, or scour the watering holes in Namibia for wildlife that congregates there under blue skies.

As this isn't high-season in either Pakistan or Namibia, you'll benefit from feeling like you have these gorgeous destinations all to yourself.


Lebanon or Indonesia?

What a contrast of countries to choose between! Do you choose intricate Hindu and Buddhist temples or ancient Roman ruins? Lush jungle or cedar forests? Clear waters to see an abundance of marine life or the vibrant nightlife of Beirut?

The weather is perfect for all activities: dry, hot and sunny! If the coast gets a little too hot in Lebanon, escape to the cooler mountains and in Indonesia, all you have to do is lap it up by kicking back on the beach. It's not quite high season in Indonesia yet so chill, trek volcanoes or sightsee before it gets too busy.



Mexico or the Silk Road?

There's no escaping it, July can get hot in parts of Mexico and at certain points along the Silk Road, but that doesn't mean you can't still make the most of these culturally rich, fascinating countries.

Diverse in climate and landscapes, Mexico is so much more than beach resorts and poolside cocktails - check out lesser-visited regions such as Oaxaca.

And as the Silk Road spans from China to Turkey, you'll experience everything from desert and ancient cities to glaciers and mountains, depending on if you want to tick off a small section or embark on the journey of a lifetime.



The Caucasus or Ukraine?

August in the Caucasus is the hottest month to visit, so your best bet is getting out into the area's abundant nature, hiking the lush rolling hills, vineyards and mountains while discovering ancient monasteries and remote villages.

This time of year can get quite humid in Ukraine too, but break up sunny sightseeing in the cities with cooler mountain exploration to find Hutsul Highlanders or a sobering visit to Chernobyl, and you have a perfect mix of climes for your adventures.



Mongolia or Japan?

As the leaves begin to turn in Japan and the rolling hills of the Mongolian steppe burst into colour, Autumn is a beautiful season to visit both countries.

Temperatures are still comfortably warm in Mongolia, where you can wander under endless blue skies and enjoy the thrilling Eagle-hunting festival. Alternatively, it's a perfect time for a serene walking pilgrimage in Japan to witness the changing of the seasons first-hand.



Bhutan or Madagascar?

Autumn in Bhutan is a sought-after time to visit this isolated Kingdom for its beautiful golden leaves, clear skies and bright sun, ideal for some trekking out into the wilderness and cool evenings make for a great time to sightsee.

October is also one of the best months to explore Madagascar. This time of year is dry and not too hot, but benefits from bouncing baby lemurs and blooming jacaranda flowers. It's also prime snorkelling time as the waters are clear and abundant with life.



India or Oman?

In India, as the year gradually draws to an end, the monsoon rains subside to reveal blue skies and warm weather. After a sweltering summer in Oman, November gets much cooler, so in both countries, sightseeing becomes a lot more pleasant!

Which is a must in these diversely rich regions, home to some iconic monuments and astounding landscapes that you won't easily forget.

But what might stay with you longer is the incredible hospitality of the locals in both of these top destinations. Warm and welcoming, you won't be left short of a helping hand or a friendly exchange. 


Guatemala or Saudi Arabia?

Winter in Guatemala shouldn't be missed thanks to its blue skies and bright sunshine. Head there for Christmas and you'll get to be a part of their unique Christmas Eve celebrations which includes a Posada procession, Torito dance and plenty of fireworks.

Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, soak up their abundance of cultural and historical sites during the winter months to avoid the blistering heat. December drops to 22 degrees, perfect for exploring this desert destination.


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