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Egypt: Slow Boat to Aswan



As the sun sets on the distant horizon, a vessel glides gently across the calm waters towards the shore, its sails reflecting the warm glow of the afternoon sun, a scene as timeless as the Nile itself.

This incredible journey down the river Nile is a voyage of discovery in the truest sense of the word, encompassing not only the magnificent monuments of the ancients, but also the less explored heritage of the ordinary Egyptians. Travelling in style aboard a private sandal or dahabiya (traditional houseboats), we follow the fertile ribbon of the Nile as it weaves from the ancient city of Thebes, deep into the southern boundaries of Upper Egypt. We follow in the wake of European adventurers who came here to satisfy their curiosity and greed, exploring tombs in the Valley of the Kings, visiting the temple complexes of Karnak and Edfu and the bustling markets of Aswan. But more than this, we will also get a chance to explore something of the ‘real’ Egypt, making the most of our flexibility and freedom to escape the tourist trail and visit the remote villages that line the banks of the Nile.

This is an Egypt that has essentially remained unchanged for millennia, its people living their lives much as their ancestors did centuries ago. This is an Egypt that the tomb raiders couldn’t steal.

Trip rating:

Adventure Rating
Adventure Rating - 4

Tours that fall into this category are likely to involve at least a few challenging days and are often in destinations where tourism is still in its infancy.

Comfort Rating
Comfort Rating - 8

You can typically expect most nights to be spent in comfortable and often characterful accommodation, making your overnight stays a real highlight of the trip.

Fitness Rating
Fitness Rating - 4

These tours will typically involve a couple of days of easy/moderate trekking (3-5 hrs/day) or perhaps a more active approach to a cultural itinerary. For riding trips see the Riding Information section

Culture Rating
Culture Rating - 10

With this rating, you can typically expect a tour with a strong focus on culture. Depending on the trip this could involve exploring ancient sites, medieval architecture, ethnographic museums and/or having tribal encounters.

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