Visa Information

Visas are necessary for many of the destinations we travel to and while we aim to provide you with the most up-to-date information*, requirements frequently change and as such for the latest advice we advise that you check with the relevant embassies or contact a reputable visa agency.

You should be aware that some visas have a limited period of validity so please be sure to check this before submitting any application, especially if planning on applying for your visa early.

A welcome development in recent years is that an increasing number of visas are now available as ‘e-visas’ and we will advise you in due course if this is an option for some or all of the destinations on your given trip. However you should also be aware that the process of obtaining visas for some destinations can be quite time-consuming and may require your passport to be lodged with an embassy for several days or weeks as part of the application process. As such, if you are planning on needing your passport in the weeks and months before your trip you should discuss this with us and/or the visa agency/ embassy at the earliest opportunity so as to be able to plan accordingly.

Once your visas have been issued, please be sure to check carefully that the details are accurate specifically with regards to the number of entries, the dates of entry/exit and any duration or validity restrictionsEmbassies have been known to make mistakes and any inaccuracies may result in you not being granted entry to the relevant country, or your trip being curtailed!

Please note that while we do not offer visa services directly ourselves, we will obtain for you any necessary documentation (such as letters of invitation or hotel confirmations) that might be required from our side to supplement your visa application. We do not specifically endorse or recommend any particular visa agency but over the years we have had many UK-based clients use the services of Travcour or CIBT and US-based clients use the services of G3. If you do use one of these agencies, please do let us know how you got on.

*As we have clients of various nationalities from all over the world, we strongly suggest that if you are travelling on a non-UK passport, you contact your nearest consulate/ embassy for up-to-date visa information at the earliest possible opportunity.