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Reducing Single Use Plastic

Responsible Travel

Since teaming up with Water-to-Go in early 2018, Wild Frontiers staff, tour leaders and clients have saved thousands of throw away plastic bottles by choosing to use refillable, filtered water bottles.

'I am proud to say that I rose to the challenge and did not use a single plastic bottle during my whole trip to Pakistan – relying only on filling my Water-to-Go filter bottle with whatever water was available. I am a complete convert and will be using my Water-to-Go bottle for all future trips. The water didn’t taste funny, which was one of my main concerns! I didn't feel unwell at any stage and the bottle was the perfect size to carry around in my daypack, refilling along the way whenever necessary,’ – Travel Consultant, Clem

As a part of our traveller code we are asking our travellers to consider using these bottles, or similar, which provide safe drinking water when filling up from your hotel room tap or a natural water source.

We understand that using filtered water bottles while travelling in developing countries can be nerve-wracking, but we have road tested these in different environments from India to Madagascar with great success.

Partnering with Water-to-Go

Water-to-Go is a filtration system that eliminates 99.9% of microbiological contaminants from any non-salt water source in the world and provide clean, safe water. You can read more about the technology on their website, but it's safe to say that with one of these handy bottles you can help reduce single use plastic, while keeping hydrated no matter where you are in the world.

We road-tested a number of different brands of filtered water bottles. All did a good job, but for us the Water-to-Go bottle came out on top, giving us the confidence to put our name to it and launch our own Wild Frontiers branded bottles.

Wild Frontiers Branded Water-to-Go Bottles 

To purchase a Wild Frontiers branded filtered water bottle please email

Sizes and Prices:

Large Bottle 75cl - £20.50 per bottle including postage & packing (within the UK)

Small Bottle 50cl - £14.50 per bottle including postage & packing (within the UK)

Please allow 10 days for delivery.

Please note that we can only currently post bottles to addresses within the UK. For anyone living outside the UK, please refer to local alternative suppliers of similar bottles.

Replacement filters

For replacement filters are available at a 15% Wild Frontiers discount by adding the code WILDFRONTIERS15 at checkout - visit

This is a non-profit campaign. Wild Frontiers subsidises the purchase price of the bottles as we want to encourage our travellers to join the campaign and help reduce single use plastic at minimal cost.

Drinking Water Policy

To demonstrate our commitment to reducing plastic water bottle waste and in response to overwhelming levels of concern expressed in client feedback, we took the decision to stop providing bottled water as a part of our group tours from January 2019.

Water will still be available on tours, however it is now an additional cost. Rather like charging for plastic bags at the supermarket, we hope this new policy will help encourage more travellers to bring their own reusable bottle.

Keeping well-hydrated is an essential part of staying healthy on tour and we will always ensure that there is regular access to drinking water.

‘Bottled water will still be made available to those that want it. We’re not trying to make people feel guilty and of course there may be places and situations in which we may need to provide water, but we don’t want to be part of the plastic problem anymore’ – Wild Frontiers CEO & Founder, Jonny Bealby.

Hear more from founder, Jonny Bealby