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Mongolia Tours & Holidays

Think Mongolia and visions of wild horses and Mongol horsemen sweeping across the mountain steppes is often the most powerful image that comes to mind. And still, eight hundred years after Genghis Khan and his Mongol hordes exploded from the east in an orgy of violent conquest, this distant land in the heart of Asia still resonates with those echoes from a different time. Travel beyond the confines of Ulaan Baatar and you could find yourself travelling through a different century.

Wild Frontiers has unrivalled expertise at offering Mongolia tours, horse riding holidays and tailor-made holidays throughout and if you delight in the emptiness of the unspoiled wilderness and relish the challenge of exploring what, for a long period, was regarded as the 'end of the earth', then Mongolia is the adventure for you.

In a country where 30% of the population still follows a nomadic existence, sleeping in a circular felt ger - or yurt, as they are known in much of Central Asia - is just one way to experience local life. From the mountains of the north to the Gobi desert in the south, this vast, stunning country is awash with dramatic mountain scenery, spectacular deserts, a fascinating and ancient culture, and a warm and welcoming people. Experience it all on one of our Mongolia holidays or group tours.

Getting a Visa for Mongolia

UK Passport holders require a visa to visit Mongolia.

Visas should be applied for NO SOONER than 3 weeks before departure as when issued are valid from issue date. The visa should only take 2-5 days to obtain.  

Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the end of your trip, and it must have at least one blank page for each visa required. Please ensure the passport details we hold for you are correct.

Please note it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct visa documentation when starting your trip. Country entry regulations can alter daily and it is always best to check with the relevant embassies for any changes.

If you prefer to organise the visa yourself this can be done through a visa company such as Travcour.

When to Visit Mongolia

Although it boasts over 260 sunny days a year and is known as the "Land of the blue sky", Mongolia's climate is extreme. August typically is a great month for travelling with cooler temperatures and occasionally rain, which fills the rivers and brings fresh grass to the steppes. Weather across the globe is ever changing as seasons and climates alter every year, so always worth travelling with an open mind towards unexpected weather patterns.

Health Information

There are no mandatory immunisations for travellers to Mongolia, although you should be up-to-date with Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio and Hepatitis A. We recommend protection that you seek advice from your local GP or travel centre as to the correct immunisations and preventative treatments.

We also recommend:
• A dental check-up prior to travelling.
• You inform us of any pre-existing medical conditions or medication.

To be on the safe side you can also check here.

Top Tips for Visiting Mongolia

• Make sure you pick up some cashmere for souvenirs - it is top quality and supplies are running low

• Learn to drink your tea "salty" like the nomads

• Be prepared for all weathers - the sky is huge and changeable

• Hark back to boy scouts or girl guides and fine tune your fire skills - you will need them for the nights in gers

• Keep a torch close by at nights; it is very dark when there is no electricity