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Our small group adventures offer a great way to get under the skin of a destination in the company of like-minded people. By limiting most departures to a maximum size of just 12 travellers we can get off the beaten path more easily and use accommodation and transport which would be off-limits to larger groups. Whether you are a solo traveller or travelling with a friend or loved one, we have the perfect trip for you.  

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Cultural Tours

Our cultural journeys provide an ideal opportunity to savour the rich historical pedigree of some of the world’s more remote destinations.

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Hunter with Eagle

Epic Journeys

If you are the type of person who enjoys the journey every bit as much as the destination, then our epic journeys are for you.

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Festivals & Fairs

There are few better times to visit a country than during a colourful festival, when villages come together and traditional costumes and practises are on show.

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New & Recce Tours

Every year we are delighted to offer intrepid Wild Frontiers clients the opportunity to accompany us on these ground breaking trips.

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Signature Tours

Our signature trips offer a tried and tested way to combine the must-see sights of a region with some of its lesser-known highlights.

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Solo Adventures

Wild Frontiers’ holidays are ideally suited to solo travellers – you get all of the excitement of discovering new places combined with the security of travelling with an organised group, with like minded people.

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Walking Tours

Our portfolio of walking holidays takes in some of the world’s most spectacular natural scenery, whether it be amongst the stirring mountain landscapes of Georgia, the national parks of Italy or the forests and valleys of the Balkans.

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Wilderness Adventures

Our Wilderness adventures offer an opportunity to immerse yourself in some of the most beautifully remote places on earth.

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Wildlife Tours

We are delighted to offer a number of destinations that lend themselves perfectly to the nature lover and those looking for an authentic wildlife experience.

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How Our Group Tours Work


Most departures have a maximum group size of 12, and on average run with 9 travellers. Travelling in smaller groups means you get closer to the people and the sights and allows us to minimise our footprint while giving room for those unexpected moments. 



Often in combination with local knowledgeable guides, our tour leaders are dedicated professionals who use their logistical expertise to not only smooth over many of the challenges of international travel but also to seek out ad hoc unexpected extras for you and your fellow travellers.









We aim to use accommodation that enhances the overall experience, such as small, boutique hotels, guesthouses and homestays; yurts and camping under vast desert skies; and in India, heritage hotels, houseboats and palaces.


Generally all meals are provided on our tours. Where viable we always aim to eat in small independent restaurants rather than chains, enabling you to try regional specialities in the company of locals. We also regularly arrange picnic lunches, often in spectacular locations, to maximise your time seeing the sights.











What you see and pay for is exactly what you get. Everything mentioned in the itinerary is included unless very clearly stated otherwise. Unlike many of our competitors, our tours are not padded out with lots of optional extras, which need to be paid for locally. We try to avoid the need to split bills and to offer a smoother and more complete inclusive service to you.


Vehicles vary by destination and you could find yourself using trains and boats as much as minibuses and 4WDs. We source all transport locally and so are always free to select the most suitable and varied transportation available.










Group Tour FAQs

What are the group sizes on Wild Frontiers tours?

The average Wild Frontiers group size is between 9 and 12 clients. This small group size has proven to be ideal as it allows us to minimise our footprint while giving room for those unexpected moments, such as being invited into someone's home for tea or to share a picnic. Having a few like-minded people to converse with over dinner means there are often plenty of interesting conversations to be had with your fellow travellers. 

Is a Wild Frontiers small group tour suitable for solo travellers?

Yes, all our small group tours are ideal for solo travellers. In fact, It is not unusual for more than half of the people in each group to be travelling solo. Being in a small group will allow you to share the experience with like-minded travellers. There is no additional cost for single travellers on our tours if you share a room with another traveller of the same sex, with whom we can pair you up. If you would prefer your own room, then you will need to pay a single supplement, which varies depending on the tour.

I am travelling on my own, do I need to pay for a private room?

As standard on our tours, single travellers will be roomed with someone of the same gender. However, if you wish to have your own guaranteed private room, you can opt to pay for a single room. In some locations single rooms are not available (some guesthouses, overnight trains etc) and you will have to share – where this is the case it will be indicated on the Trip Itinerary.

What ages are the group holidays suitable for?

Whether you're in your 30s or your 70s, our trips can be just right for you, and they attract a wide range of travellers. Regarding required level of fitness, every small group tour has a detailed day-by-day description as well as key points to consider in terms of comfort and fitness level required. 

Do you have any other holidays that aren't with a group?

Yes, we offer Private Tours and Tailor-Made Holidays. Most of our group tours can be made into a private version, so you can enjoy our award winning small group holidays with just your family and friends. With our Tailor-Made Holidays, our expert travel consultants will help to design an itinerary designed to your tastes and budget.

Can I add an extension to my group tour?

We have an experienced tailormade team who can help with any extensions should you wish to spend a few extra days at the beginning or end of your trip. Or alternatively, you can choose to make the most of your time away and add on a full tailormade itinerary to perfectly complement your group travel experience.

As a female travelling solo, will I be safe on your tours?

Yes, the safety of our customers is our number one priority. Travelling with a group is a reassuring way to stay safe and you will have a tour-leader with you throughout who will look out for the whole group. In fact, many women choose to travel with us on our small group tours for precisely the added confidence that this way of travelling brings.