Nomadic Homestay (Naraa's Family), Terelj National Park

Nomadic Homestay (Naraa's Family)

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Our rating: Simple | Property style: Ger Camp

This secluded homestay with a nomadic family is tucked away in the Baruun Bayan Valley in the further reaches of Terelj, accessible only by fording the Terelj River which not many vehicles can do. Naraa and his wife Bujee's home is a base for horse riding and other activities in the area such as kayaking. Their four guest gers are well-furnished and sit near a small tributary of the nearby Tuul River. Each ger is well furnished and also has a small washbasin stand. A compost long-drop is located around 30 metres away and has a sit-down toilet. Guests will live alongside the family during their stay, experiencing local hospitality and enjoying traditional, home cooked food such as khorkhog or similar countryside fare. Naraa is a master horseman and Bujee is an accomplished cook, so guests will have the chance to sample her wonderful dishes or even help prepare them.

Nomadic Homestay (Naraa's Family)

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