Solo Holidays For Single Travellers

Solo Holidays with Wild Frontiers

Wild Frontiers’ holidays are ideally suited to solo travellers – you get all of the excitement of discovering new places combined with the security of travelling with an organised group, with like minded people.

Over 70% of passengers on our small group tours are solo adventurers. Unlike many tour operators, we don’t believe in charging solo travellers a premium, so if you are happy to share a room with a fellow traveller of the same sex, you will pay exactly the same as a couple.. Occasionally you may even end up with your own room. You can travel as a single traveller on any of our holidays, from our escorted tours to our walking holiday.

Having been a bit apprehensive about joining a group as a single traveller, I found myself surrounded by interesting, friendly, helpful people who I hope to catch up with again on future trips.
Angela, Kashmir Moghul Kings.


faqs for Solo travellers

When I travel solo, do I have to pay more? 

There is no additional cost for single travellers on our tours if you share a room with another traveller of the same sex, with whom we can pair you up. If you would prefer your own room, then you will need to pay a single supplement, which varies depending on the tour.


Is there free time on a Wild Frontiers tour? 

The majority of our tours include some free time built in. You can see how much free time is included by looking at the day-to-day itinerary but as a general rule we include almost all meals meaning that solo travellers will always have company when dining. 


How big are group sizes on Wild Frontiers tours?

The average Wild Frontiers group size on our solo holidays is between 9 and 12 clients. In our experience this is a perfect size, as the group is not too intimidating to locals, and it allows for those unplanned moments, like being invited into someone’s home for tea, or to share a picnic. It also means there are plenty of interesting, like-minded people to talk to over dinner. It is not unusual for more than half of the people in each group to be travelling solo. 


How does the rooming work on a solo traveller holiday?

In our tour price, unless otherwise stated you are guaranteed a bed in a twin room, which you will share with another person in your group of the same sex. However you can choose to pay a single supplement if you prefer a room of your own. This option is available on most of our tours and is usually available for all nights. If there are any nights of the tour where we cannot offer a single supplement (usually due to a limited number of rooms being available), this will be clearly detailed in the ‘Travelling Solo and Single Supplements’ section. The single supplement cost varies from trip to trip. 


Can I travel solo even if I’m not single?

There are many reasons why people travel solo with us and it’s absolutely not just because they're single. Regardless of whether your partner is able to travel with you or not, you are still in good company. 


As a female travelling solo, will I be safe on this trip? 

Yes, the safety of our customers is our number one priority. Travelling with a group is a reassuring sure way to stay safe and you will have a tour-leader with you throughout who will look out for the whole group. In fact, many women choose to travel with us on our small group tours for precisely the added confidence that this way of travelling brings.

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