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Clementine Lang

Clem had travelled to various exotic destinations with family, but it wasn’t until she set off on her first backpacking trip with a friend to Peru and Bolivia when she left school at the age of 18 that she truly caught the travel bug. Since then she has found any excuse to fit a trip in to every university summer holiday to Southeast Asia and also Latin America.

As part of her undergrad degree in Sociology at Newcastle University, Clem spent one semester living and studying in Sydney where she was well positioned to explore the rest of Australia and also Southeast Asia further. Having graduated from Newcastle, Clem went on to do a Masters at SOAS in Cultural Studies, specialising in Southeast Asia.

A combined passion for travel as well as background in studying foreign cultures led Clem to the travel industry, and after an internship at another company she is excited to have joined the team at WF.


Q: Favourite city?
A: Sydney – often overshadowed by the culturally vibrant Melbourne, Sydney is a city that you truly have to live it, to get it. The breath-taking natural scenery, reliably gorgeous weather and outdoorsy way of life made my time living and studying there truly unforgettable.

Q: Favourite country?
A: Myanmar – newly opened up for tourism and by far the friendliest locals I’ve ever met.

Q: Favourite meal?
A: Pho, or dim sum.

Q: Most memorable journey?
A: Camper-vanning around Tasmania – probably one of the weirdest and also most beautiful places I have ever been.

Q: Favourite travel advice?
A: Travel on local public transport – the stories and experiences you come out of it with are worth any level of discomfort!

Q: Next on must-see list?
A: Colombia!