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Papua New Guinea Tours

Sitting amongst the South Pacific islands of Oceania, Papua New Guinea is home to one of the most culturally diverse landscapes on earth. Boasting hundreds of ethnic groups and no fewer than 852 languages, it can justifiably claim to be one of the most heterogenous countries anywhere in the world. Occupying the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, its cultural traditions can trace their ancestry back to one of the earliest waves of human migration, when the original settlers arrived from Africa some 45,000 years ago. It is estimated today that more than a thousand cultural groups exist in PNG, each cultivating its own expressive forms of dance, art and costume.

Aside from its remarkable human diversity, PNG and its offshore islands are also home to an incredible richness of animal life. Occupying the northern extension of the Indo-Australian tectonic plate, its resident wildlife have close genetic links with its larger neighbour to the south, with several species of marsupial mammals such as kangaroos and possums being found here and nowhere else. Many of the outlying islands are also abundant in indigenous flora and fauna unseen on the larger landmasses. Rich in rainforests, mangroves and swampland, the region also supports an incredible population of bird species, with over 780 recorded, of which 76 are endemic to the islands.

One of the last great adventures, Papua New Guinea takes you back to the golden age of exploration, where new discoveries are still waiting to be made.