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Pakistan Tours & Holidays

Sharing its borders with Afghanistan, China and India, Northern Pakistan is a region of astonishing ethnic diversity and immense natural beauty. Much of it is practically still untouched by mainstream tourism. Amongst the richly varied tribes of the Northwest Frontier, a staple visit on our Pakistan tours, hospitality is a way of life.

It was Pakistan, and in particular the Northwest Frontier, that witnessed the birth of Wild Frontiers back in the late 1990s. Since then it has become something of a spiritual home to us. Over the years we have hosted numerous Pakistan groups tours and tailor-made clients holidays in the region with great success. We have our own very own exclusive hideaway, built on land given to us by the Kalash people, so it’s fair to say the country remains very close to our hearts.

Your Pakistan holiday will be filled with experiences as warm and welcoming as the plentiful cups of sweet green tea, whether wandering the bazaars of Lahore, haggling with Pathans over a Kashmiri shawl, or walking through the pine scented forests of the Hindu Kush.

After nearly a decade and a half, we have grown very adept at negotiating our way around the political and cultural complexities of this fascinating country. So, forget what you read in the news and come with us on a journey into a land whose very breadth and beauty will fill the heart of even the most seasoned traveller with an entirely new sense of wonder.