Myanmar (Burma) Tours

Recently emerging from behind the suffocating curtain of its dark past, Burma, or Myanmar as it is now more correctly known, is fast becoming one of South East Asia’s most rewarding destinations.

Despite enduring one of the world’s longest running civil wars, today it is looking forward to a more positive future that will hopefully herald in a new dawn as golden as its gilded pagodas. Kipling once described Burma as, “…quite unlike any land you know about” and for the newly returning visitors it is hard to imagine a country with more energy, hope and highlights to offer.

Downtown Yangon, with its beautiful colonial architecture and Indian markets is dominated by the golden beacon of the Shwedagon Temple, which beams out across the city, whilst the spectacular plains of Bagan lie blanketed in the crumbling remains of some 4,000 sacred stupas.

This is a landscape ripe for the adventurous and the curious, where you can undertake epic river journeys or remote treks, discover the floating gardens and iconic fishermen of Lake Inle and hike high amongst the isolated hill tribes of the cloud forests. Blessed with unforgettable scenery, great food and a rich abundance of natural and cultural treasures, Myanmar is just waiting to be explored. And there is ALWAYS a festival!


Carry a torch when visiting the temples of Bagan; some involve climbing steps in the dark.

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