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Myanmar (Burma) Tours

Myanmar, or Burma as it was once known, is becoming one of Southeast Asia’s most rewarding destinations. Our selection of Myanmar group tours and tailor-made holidays offer intrepid travellers a stunning combination of ancient sites and natural beauty in one of the region’s least explored countries, including the magnificent temples of Bagan, all 2,000 of them, and the remarkable tranquillity of Inle Lake.

The scenery in Myanmar is as varied as it is beautiful, alongside its hills, mountains, lakes and forests, it also boasts some of Southeast Asia’s best, and least known, beaches. This is a landscape ripe for the adventurous and the curious, where you can undertake epic journeys down the Irrawaddy River or go trekking in the hills and meet the isolated tribes who live in these remote forests, such as the Kayan people. Discover the floating gardens and iconic leg-rowing fishermen of Inle Lake and visit the Green Hill Valley Elephant project, an ethical project that enables you to get close to these amazing creatures and gain a better understanding of ongoing conservation efforts in Myanmar.

It's difficult to talk about Myanmar without mentioning the breath-taking sight of Bagan. A few hours journey from Mandalay are over 2,000 ancient temples and stupas stretching out as far as the eye can see over the plain. Once the capital of the Pagan Empire, this mighty city was abandoned before falling into disrepair, and as a result was largely forgotten by the outside world until the 19th century. Its vast scale can only truly be appreciated from the air which is why all our tours that visit Bagan offer an option of taking a hot air balloon flight over the plain. It is an experience that we guarantee you’ll never forget.

The architecture of Yangon – formerly Rangoon - and Mandalay offer a reminder of colonial rule and reveal the commercial importance of Myanmar to the British Empire throughout most of the 19th and 20th centuries. The city of Yangon itself is dominated by the golden topped Shwedagon Pagoda, which stands at 326ft and is considered one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Myanmar. Walking the streets of Yangon provides a glimpse into an Asia where people still wear traditional attire and utilise Thanaka, a yellow paste made from bark, as a sunblock and a natural cosmetic. We recommend enjoying some amazing local street food on 19th Street or visit some of the upmarket bars in the area near the iconic Strand Hotel during your stay.

Despite some preconceptions in the outside world, those visiting this country on any of our Myanmar tours will be delighted by the smiling faces that greet them and the abundance of cultural sights and incredible experiences. That includes the numerous national and local festivals, it’s difficult to visit Myanmar without seeing at least one of these colourful extravaganzas!

Myanmar is just waiting to be explored, so why not discover this unique country for yourself with Wild Frontiers on one of our exciting Myanmar group tours or tailor-made holidays.