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Myanmar, or Burma as it was once known, is becoming one of Southeast Asia’s most rewarding destinations. Our selection of Myanmar group tours and tailor-made holidays offer intrepid travellers a stunning combination of ancient sites and natural beauty in one of the region’s least explored countries, including the magnificent temples of Bagan, all 2,000 of them, and the remarkable tranquillity of Inle Lake.

The scenery in Myanmar is as varied as it is beautiful, alongside ...

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Whether you want to travel on one of our award-winning itineraries or build your own journey from scratch, our expert consultants will help create the perfect tour for your tastes and budget. Below are a few suggestions of the kind of trips we can offer, all of which can be tailored to you.






Located on the Central Burmese Plains, along the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwady River, Bagan was first settled around the 2nd century AD. Its golden age though began with the ascension to the Burmese ...

Inle Lake

Inle Lake is home to the Intha, a people of Tibetan-Burmese descent who live amongst the waterside villages along the shoreline and the islands of the lake. Wonderfully scenic and rich in tradition, the ...


The economic centre of Upper Burma, Mandalay lies at the heart of the country's religious and cultural traditions. One of modern Myanmar's most vibrant cities, it is home to more than 700 pagodas and ...


Ngapali boasts 3km of palm-fringed sands on the beautiful Bay of Bengal in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. With a number of good beach hotels, crystal clear water and unspoilt beaches, Ngapali makes an ...


Yangon, formerly Rangoon, was the capital of Myanmar until it was superseded by Naypyidaw in November 2005. Today, with a population of over 5 million people, it remains the largest city and main economic ...


Superior | Boutique Hotel

Amara Mountain Resort, Kalaw

Built in 1909, this British colonial residence was lovingly restored in 2002 to form a boutique hotel. Situated on a pine forested hill outside Kalaw, the Amara is surrounded by beautifully kept…
Premium | Resort

Amata Resort, Ngapali

Amata Ngapali Beach Resort stretches along the beautiful shoreline of Ngapali Bay. Constructed of wood and local materials, there are 80 guestrooms, which range from superior room overlooking the lush…
| Hotel

Bagan Lodge, Bagan

Bagan Lodge has an enviable location within easy reach of the vast array of temples and Pagodas in this fascinating area. This luxury lodge has 82 deluxe rooms and 3 spacious suites, all are furnished…
Premium | Boutique Hotel

Inle Princess Resort, Inle Lake

Situated on the eastern shore of Lake Inle and accessed by boat, this lovely boutique hotel, is our top pick in Inle Lake. It has 46 rooms in three categories - lake view, private lake view and…
Premium | Resort

Mandalay Hill Resort, Mandalay

Situated at the north east corner of the Palace Canal, this is a large purpose-built, 4 star hotel. Although lacking in some local charm, it offers all you'd need for a comfortable stay. The rooms are…
Luxury | Resort

Pristine Lotus, Inle Lake

Recently opened, this resort is the best option of the properties not based right on the lake. Located in a village on the west bank of the lake, the hotel benefits from being a short walk from local…
Premium | Boat

Rv Paukan, Mandalay

Paukan is the original name of the First Burmese Emperor capital, Bagan. The Paukan cruise ships emanate luxurious interiors with colonial style furniture and timber walls with a variety of traditional…
Luxury | Boutique Hotel

The Governor's Residence, Yangon

The Governor’s Residence is a stunning boutique hotel in Yangon and one of the best available. The main building is an old style colonial building beyond a lush green lawn and swimming pool. There is a…
Premium | Boutique Hotel

The Savoy, Yangon

A really lovely old colonial house, originally built as a restaurant and club catering to the British at the turn of the last century. It has a nice garden, a cool bar and the Kipling Restaurant is…
Luxury | Boutique Hotel

The Strand Yangon, Yangon

Declared "the finest hostelry East of Suez" by John Murray in his Handbook for Travellers written in the early 20th century, the 1901-built three storey 5 star hotel in Yangon remains one of Southeast…

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The most popular time to visit Myanmar is between November and February. This is the dry season, when the skies are clear and the days warm. If you want to avoid the other tourists the shoulder seasons of October and April May are also good, but be ready for a bit of rain.


Health and Vaccinations 

There are no mandatory immunisations for travellers to Myanmar though you should be up-to-date with Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio and Hepatitis A. Malaria is present in some parts of Myanmar. Please note we are not medical professionals and so we highly recommend you seek advice from your local GP or travel centre as to the correct immunisations and preventative treatments.  


In Myanmar the official unit of currency is the Kyat.   

To check out the latest exchange rate for the places that you are visiting you can go to

Cultural Sensitivity 

On our tours you will frequently interact with local people, each with their own distinct customs and traditions. We therefore ask you to be considerate and to treat them with respect. Your tour-leaders and guides will always be able to advise you accordingly.  

In Myanmar everyone should have their shoulders and knees covered when visiting temples and at Buddhist monasteries. Please note that on the whole the people of Myanmar are quite modest in their dress and it is advisable to follow suit.  

Language & Religion 

In Myanmar the major language is Burmese, although there are over 135 ethnic groups each with certain linguistic quirks.  

The majority of people in Myanmar practice Theravada Buddhism, around 89% of the population. But this tends to be mixed with Nat (spirit) worship, particularly in rural areas where each village has a shrine. Nat worship is practised among the ethnic minorities as well as in mainstream Bamar society.   

In addition, about 4% of the population are Christians, converted by various visiting missionaries. And around 6% are Muslim, mostly living in the states bordering Bangladesh.  


Myanmar is 5.5 hours ahead of GMT.  

A useful website to check the time zone differences is  

Food and drink 

Food in Myanmar can be a big attraction for visitors and is the centrepiece of domestic cultural activity. With culinary influence from neighbouring Thailand and India, the cuisine is both varied and excellent. Chinese style food is also prevalent, as are the traditional Burmese curries, served with an array of supporting dishes. The Shan people also have their own unique cuisine.  One thing to bear in mind though, river prawns, no matter how delicious they look, are not quite as nice as their salt-water cousins.  

Beer, rum and whisky are the most popular alcoholic drinks in Myanmar, whilst locally brewed toddy is also generally available, and wine can be found in higher-end restaurants and hotels. 

Myanmar’s selection of domestic lager beers compare favourably with imported and ‘international’ brand beers; they have won European (Belgian) quality awards and are good for a refreshing cool drink in what can be a very hot climate.  

Travelling Solo In Myanmar

All of our small group tours are designed to cater for solo travellers: the number of solo travellers will vary from tour to tour, but usually over half will be travelling alone. Get all of the excitement of discovering new places combined with the security of travelling with an organised group, with like minded people.