Guyana Tours & Holidays

English speaking, culturally Caribbean and one of the last wild frontiers of South America, Guyana is a land of pulsating music, Amerindian culture and some truly matchless wildlife encounters. Home to great rum, pristine rainforest and the vaqueros (cowboys) of the savannahs, Guyana is one of the few places left where raw adventure is still the rule, rather than the exception. Boasting one of the last tracts of virgin rainforest left on the planet, its can boast a quite stunning array of natural attractions, with some 800 species of birds being recorded here including the resplendent cock-of-the-rock.

An intoxicating combination of wild nature, community tourism and old-fashioned hospitality, this rich haven also includes the tropical Big Five - jaguar, giant river otter, giant anteater, black caiman and harpy eagle.

One of South America’s finest undiscovered eco-tourism destinations, the waning grandeur of its colonial capital, Georgetown, surrounded as it with flat coastal plains and flooded savannahs, offers up a genteel contrast to the lush Amazonian landscapes of its interior, where the thundering waters of Kaieteur Falls presents us with one of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls. One of the planet’s last great adventures, be amongst the first to discover this little-known paradise of South America.