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Now that the world is opening up again, you may be feeling that familiar desire for an adventure. Walking holidays are the perfect mixture of relaxation and excitement, of quiet contemplation and breathtaking experiences that will make you remember just how freeing exploring the world can be

However, you might not feel like waiting around for friends and family to get on the same page, nor necessarily want the stress and expense of travelling somewhere completely alone. So, whether you are looking to get away from it all and spend some quality time working on yourself, or if you are looking to travel to exotic locations and meet exciting and like-minded…

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Solo walking holidays

Solo walking holidays are a great way to experience the great outdoors, and keep a steady level of fitness whilst you're doing it. Whether you want to feel like a rugged mountain climber by hiking into the Accursed Mountains of Northern Albania or you'd prefer to stay a little closer to home, a trek from the Pennine Way and then across Northumbria to Lindisfarne, Bamburgh and beyond is a great starting point.

Whatever your preferences and whatever your experience level,  we’ll do our best to find the perfect guided walking tour for you. All of our solo hiking tours and walking tours require a moderate level of fitness, so make sure you know how much walking you will be expected to do before you go. If you need any of this information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you would prefer to travel totally alone, why not look into our range of tailor-made holidays? They are designed for you by our expert consultants who will carefully plan every step of your journey, including hand-picking accommodation suited to your needs.

Small group tours

Small group walking and trekking holidays are becoming an ever-increasingly popular way for solo adventurers to travel and experience the world, without any of the drawbacks of travelling by yourself.

Over 50% of the participants in our small group tours are solo adventurers, meaning that almost everybody is in the same boat (sometimes literally). Solo walking tours are an excellent way of getting out there, meeting like-minded adventurers, and racking up unforgettable experience after unforgettable experience.

Travelling truly alone can quickly become expensive, as there aren't many holiday companies or destinations which are suited to catering to just one person. It can be difficult to find reasonably-priced accommodation, as many places only have a select few single rooms, so a single traveller may end up paying out-of-pocket for a double room when all they need is a bed. Wild Frontiers make it so that every member of the group, unless otherwise stated, is guaranteed a bed in a twin room, shared with a member of the same sex.

However, if you wish to pay a single supplement, you can grab a room all to yourself, whilst still benefiting from all the other cost-saving measures like travelling and booking in a group, and having expert guides who know exactly where to go in order to see the best of a destination.

Our expert leaders

Our team comprises of expert tour leaders whose expertise and experience help them keep everybody safe, whilst also having all of the inside knowledge of all of the hidden gems and treasures that a destination has to reveal.

Responsible for your safety and your enjoyment, the tour leaders at Wild Frontiers understand that truly experiencing a place is all in the details – the people you meet, the places you stay, the food you eat. Immersing yourself in the locality and culture can be difficult by yourself, but our leaders draw on their own extensive knowledge, experience and local contacts in order to make sure that every trip with us is unforgettable.

Our tour leaders also make sure that our high standards for reducing our impact are met, ensuring that any trip is ecologically, ethically and environmentally responsible.

Solo hiking tours FAQs

Why take a small group walking holiday?

Joining a small group walking holiday is the ideal way to experience parts of the world that you otherwise wouldn't get to by yourself. There are many reasons people choose to travel solo, and especially for those who enjoy the company of other people but still want the personalisation of a holiday that is perfectly tailored to them, a solo walking holiday amongst a small group could be perfect.

Travelling truly alone, with no guide and no group, can be costly and anxiety-inducing. Not only is finding reasonable accommodation for one person difficult without busting the bank, but everything has to be arranged by you beforehand, and if anything goes wrong, then it's on your shoulders to sort it out too.

Having a guide and travelling within a small group allows for the advantages of easier booking of accommodation and better rates, without losing that personal touch that comes from a solo holiday.

What are the group sizes on Wild Frontiers tours?

Using the experience gained from running these tours over so many years, we have found that the optimal size for a small group walking holiday made up of solo travellers is between 9 and 12 people. For us, this represents the perfect size because it is large enough to get that community feel but small enough that it doesn't interfere with spontaneous moments happening.

Travelling with a larger group means much more rigid planning and so less room for the exciting bits that happen in between the scheduled fun.

When I travel solo, do I have to pay more?

At Wild Frontiers, there is no additional cost for travelling alone if you are willing to share a room with another solo traveller of the same sex. If, however, you require your own room, you will need to pay a single supplement, the amount of which depends on the tour. If you require more information, contact us


How does the rooming work on a solo traveller holiday?

Unless otherwise stated, you are guaranteed a bed in a twin room, which will be shared with another tour member of the same sex. If you prefer, however, most of our tours include an option to pay a single supplement to secure a room for yourself. This option usually covers the entire extent of the trip, but if there is ever a period where you will not be guaranteed a room of your own, then this will be clearly detailed before your trip in the 'Travelling Solo and Single Supplements' section.

As a female travelling solo, will I be safe on a Wild Frontiers tour?

We are proud to say that the safety of our customers is our number one priority, so you can be assured that everybody will be safe, secure and protected. Travelling in a group comes with the big advantage of having lots of people looking out for each other, but also, it's very important to us that our tour leaders are responsible, properly trained and properly equipped to deal with any situation that might arise.

How responsible are your group tours?

We are very aware of the impact that global tourism can have on the planet, not just to the environment, but to the ancient cultures and landmarks that we set out with the intention of celebrating. This is why we are dedicated to our responsible business practices, and design all of our tours with the local people, culture and ecosystem in mind.

We have a dedicated Responsible Travel Team who help us to measure and review our policies and practices in order to reduce any negative impact we may inadvertently cause. Our tours are not only meant to benefit our clients, but we strive to benefit those who provide us the land, hospitality and culture which enable our visit.

Can I travel solo even if I'm not single?

Of course! Many people enjoy solo travel for reasons other than trying to find love, and we do not discriminate against anybody's reasons for wanting to see more of the world. Whilst there may be specific walking holidays for singles, here at Wild Frontiers, we believe that enjoying your own company should be seen as a virtue, so just because your partner can't join you, that doesn't mean you can't have a memorable trip of a lifetime!



Unlike many walking and trekking holidays on the market, the basic premise of our walking trips is to give our clients a great balance of cultural highlights and good walks. We feel typical trekking …