Wild Frontiers Photography Competition

Posted by Hayley Cleeter 19th April 2024
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Wild Frontiers Photography Competition

Working for a travel company means we are immensely fortunate to travel to some remarkable destinations worldwide. But of course, Wild Frontiers isn't just any travel company, in part due to the amazing team we have. The way they look at the world, the incredible connections they forge on their travels and the breadth of their creativity know no bounds.

From well-known sites to some truly off-the-beaten-track experiences, seeing the world through their eyes gives us unparalleled insight into the moments that we know our travellers would love to experience. When our team return from their trips, they bring back not only a wealth of knowledge but also, some pretty spectacular photos!

So we started an official Wild Frontiers Photography Competition and got the rest of the team to vote for their favourites.

Check out our winners for first, second and third place first up, and the rest of the amazing entries to follow below…


Rural Ethiopia

‘Having spent the night sleeping in a cosy tukul on the edge of an escarpment, overlooking some of northern Ethiopia’s most beautiful landscapes, we rose with the sun, and left our base to set off on foot through the surrounding farmland. Passing by a local home, the matriarch invited us in to enjoy some injera, the traditional sour flatbread often eaten with most meals. As we enjoyed this freshly made treat, we watched as she continued to make more injera for the family, the morning light pouring in as it mingled with the first sign of life of the day.’ 

Anna, Head of Product


‘No country is so dependent on a river than Egypt and the Nile is never too far out of sight. I tried to capture some of its magic with the silhouette of one of the iconic Feluccas during a glowing Egyptian sunset. ’

Kenny, Travel Expert

Agra, India

‘By the time I got to Agra on my extension from our Gujarat & Rann of Kutch tour (because I couldn't go all the way to India AGAIN without seeing the Taj) I learnt that If you can’t beat 'em, embrace ‘em. You can’t visit one of the most iconic monuments in the world and expect to get a clear photo without tourist heads, arms or selfie sticks making an appearance. I’ve seen many people get frustrated but I think it’s better to accept that we’re all excited and privileged to be able to travel to these places, and really, we all want the same thing - just a nice photo for our memories. But it does offer an opportunity to try and do something a bit different. And in what world would a pigeon be able to (almost) outshine the Taj Mahal? He saw his moment and took it.'

Hayley, Content Manager


‘Just after a 2-hour sunrise hike in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. Right in the background you can see the only snowy peaks that exist along the Caribbean coast.’

Louisa, Travel Expert


‘Whilst staying at our Lodge in Deception Valley Reserve in Botswana, on the northern border of the Kalahari, we had the opportunity to take part in a San Bushman or ‘Basarwa’ nature walk, giving us an insight into their unique but sadly under-threat traditions, beliefs and culture. We were shown traditional hunting methods, weapons, water collection, shelter, music, dance and firelighting! The last of the hunter-gatherers were forcibly evicted from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in 2002, and the San we met were now employees of the lodge, working as trackers on game drives or as hospitality staff. As their ancestral way of life is so under-treat, these demonstrations are a welcomed opportunity for the community to proudly display and keep their culture and traditions alive.’

Charlotte, Senior Operations Manager

Leon, Nicaragua

‘Sunset Cathedral-Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary at sunset in Nicaragua.’

Olivia, Travel Expert


‘Nomad lady milking a mare (for Kumis?) in beautiful Kyrgyzstan.’

Alice, Travel Expert

The Cerro Fitz Roy in Patagonia, El Chatlén, Argentina

'The mountain is named after Charles Darwin's boat captain Fitz Roy who sailed the Beagle on that immortal voyage around South America and is also the father of the weather forecast. The indigenous name for the mountain is El Chatlén, which is making a comeback inside Argentina as the name of favor. Two self-proclaimed "dirt-bag" mountain climbers Doug Tompkins and Yvon Chouinard, who had scaled the half-dome in Yosemite National Park in California, drove from San Francisco to El Chatlén to climb it. They were inspired by its granite walls that reminded them of the half-dome. Those two climbers went on to found North Face and Patagonia clothing and gear companies respectively, with the Patagonia logo being based on this view.'

Richard, Latin America Travel Expert


‘Remote border crossing outpost between the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and Nepal. Taken when travelling as a guest of Uttar Pradesh Tourism and exploring less-visited areas of the state.’

Nardia, Head of Sustainable Travel


‘Sunrise over the Annapurna mountains in Nepal.’

Niraj, Client Services


‘On our Egypt: Slow Boat to Aswan tour, sailing on the Nile between Edfu temple and Fawza, using the mighty sails of our traditional Dahabiya whilst our captain looks on.’

Sarah, Head of Operations


‘We bumped into Don Ivan, one of Colombia's Comuna 13’s lovely founders, a few times during our walking tour of the neighbourhood. However, to see him walking up the street with his mural as a backdrop was truly iconic. Needless to say, he was delighted to pose in front of said mural for me to immortalise the moment with a photo.’

Lou, Operations Manager


'This was taken in Algeria on our Sahara Desert Adventure tour. The scenery in that part of the world is mind-bendingly surreal, varying from rolling dunes to bright red sands to strange rock formations and salt crusts. It's probably the most beautiful place I've been lucky enough to visit.'

Mike, Head of Marketing


‘Me this funny guy last year in the Simien Mountains on my Ethiopia trip!’

Clem, Senior Travel Expert


‘I took this photo in Bhenswara during Holi Festival on Taj, Temples & Tigers, a brilliant trip!’

Katie, Travel Expert

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