Travelling with a Water-to-Go bottle in Pakistan

Posted by Clem Lang 1st June 2018
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Before heading out to Pakistan to join our group on the Hindu Kush Festival Adventure tour, I was kitted out with one of our brand new Wild Frontiers Water-to-Go filter bottles to use (see above photo taken by one of the lovely clients on my trip).

I have to admit, although I liked the environmental principle, I have previously felt slightly sceptical about using a filter bottle when travelling – especially somewhere like Pakistan. Filling up from a fresh mountain stream is one thing! But refilling from the tap in our hotel in the middle of Islamabad or from dodgy petrol station sinks along the road side made me feel slightly nervous.

However, I am proud to say that I rose to the challenge and did not use a single plastic bottle during my whole trip to Pakistan – relying only on filling my Water-to-Go filter bottle with whatever water was available. I am a complete convert and will be using my water-to-go bottle for all future trips. The water didn’t taste funny (which was one of my main concerns!), I didn't feel unwell and I felt that the bottle was the perfect size to carry around in my daypack, refilling along the way whenever necessary.

I’d really encourage you to give it a go!

You can purchase a Wild Frontiers branded Water-to-Bottle here.

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