Silk Road Tours & Holidays

For over two thousand years, the Silk Road was a vital link between east and west, spreading wealth, philosophy, faith and empire. The ancient Silk Road trade routes from the Chinese city of Xi'an in the east to Istanbul in the west, may no longer be thronged with camel caravans and daring explorers, but willing travellers will still be rewarded with an unrivalled combination of culture and jawdropping scenery.

Each new destination along the Silk Road offers something new and different, just as it has done for the countless pilgrims, merchants and warriors who have gone before. There are the anceint cities of Uzbekistan that seem to belong to an age of myths and the pristine mountains of Kyrgyzstan with its traditional nomadic culture. All of our Silk Road tours to destinations throughout Central Asia offer unmatched experiences for young and old alike, on foot or by horse, from mountains to deserts and from ancient fortresses to modern cities.

Much of Central Asia still retains something of the exotic romance of the days of the Silk Road, and our Silk Road tours are still blessed with some dazzling reminders of its glorious heyday. Magnificent cities such as Bukhara and Samarkand in Uzbekistan, still exude a timeless aura of wonder and tradition, their gradual restoration to former glory instilling in them a captivating charm that harks back to the merchant caravans of old. For nature lovers the mountains and glaciers, deserts and forests provide a bountiful abundance of fauna and flora, whilst those looking for a more cultural experience will find themselves surrounded by customs and traditions that have changed little over the intervening centuries. Spending a night enjoying the warm hospitality of a nomadic family in a yurt is an experience that will stay with you for your whole life.

Remote, and at times harsh, Central Asia is always magnificent, and it provides an ideal destination for those seeking for something out of the ordinary. And there is no better way to explore this part of the world than on one of our Silk Road group tours or tailor-made holidays.

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