Travel Requirements

As you will almost certainly be aware some aspects of travel have changed in recent times. As the situation continues to fluctuate and may be different from country to country you should be aware of the following requirements that may be in place when you travel.

Vaccination: You may need to show the authorities on arrival that you have been fully vaccinated against covid with the most recent vaccination having been taken at least 14 days before the start of the trip. Additionally, for everyone’s peace of mind and safety, we are currently asking all clients on our Group Tours to be fully vaccinated, regardless of any country’s requirements.


Covid Testing: You may need to take a PCR test before you enter/transit any country on your journey, and/or during the tour itself. You may also need to have a covid test before you return home, or to have a test booked shortly after your arrival home. We will assist in making any arrangements necessary for all in-destination testing, but all the tests will need to be paid by you locally. Additionally, for everyone’s peace of mind and safety, we are currently asking all clients on our Group Tours to take a take a test (lateral-flow or PCR) before arriving on tour regardless of any country’s requirements.


Insurance: While insurance which covers emergency medical repatriation remains a basic requirement for all our clients, in addition some destinations may require you to show specific proof of insurance for covid.


Additional Requirements: Some countries may require you to download a ‘covid pass’ app onto your phone and/or to show QR codes which demonstrate vaccination or testing status. This requirement is becoming more commonplace - you should therefore plan on travelling with a compatible smartphone. Some countries may also require you to complete passenger information forms prior to arriving at your destination.


Group Dynamics: We will always follow local law, which may include wearing facemasks and observing social distancing. However, there is a reality of small group travel that abiding by strict covid regulations for multiple days across multiple scenarios is not always realistically achievable. As such you will need to accept that there will be times when the group will effectively form their own bubble and may not be able to properly socially distance.


We will be in touch closer to departure with the specific requirements for your trip. In the meantime you can check and stay up to date with all official government-issued requirements for travel. For the UK, these can be found on the British, Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office website; for the US, it’s the Department of State website. Clients of other nationalities should check their own government’s website.


For more detailed information please visit our FAQ Page or if you have any concerns please contact us to speak to one of our specialist travel consultants.