Zoe and Mark Pugsley

We had a fabulous honeymoon – thanks to Wild Frontiers for arranging such a great trip. Obviously we were on a real high from our wedding and the trip started well. Special thank you for the great seats on the plane as Mark is not keen on flying but relaxed quite well with all the extra leg room and free champagne! I could easily give a breakdown of every day every hotel, every meal, every journey and everyone we met but we haven't got all day… and probably neither have you. We loved pretty much everywhere we went particularly Ranthambore (just like the jungle book !) and could happily have stayed longer at Sher Bagh as the people and the place were lovely – Chattasagar camp was quite surreal as and we had a fabulous moonlit night there. Jaipur was lovely - Mark enjoyed the elephant ride - and I thought the Samode Haveli was a beautiful place to stay. In Jodhpur we had a fantastic BBQ at the hotel and saw a great Magic Show one night which was very unexpected and amusing. We loved room ** at Rohat Garh and had a nice relax there. We're really pleased we went on the train from Marwar junction which was a great journey through the hills and the locals were really friendly. Even with no water the Lake Palace was beautiful and we were in need of some 5* luxury by this point. In general everything was amazingly well organised and we were really looked after. We had a really special honeymoon. Thank you again - we never have good holidays so you achieved the impossible with perfect timing!