Tricia Phillips

What a fantastic holiday I had with you at Castle Bijaipur! So many wonderful memories - from the hurly -burly of Delhi to the peace and tranquillity of Bijaipur. I will never forget the welcome we had on Christmas Eve - all the frustrations of the journey were instantly forgotten! All kinds of highlights - yoga on the roof at sunrise every morning, the tented camp (which was amazing - camping will never be the same again!), the wonderful lunch on the roof, the New Year's Eve party, the train journeys (especially getting 22 of us off the train with all the luggage in 2 minutes!), the fantastic food, and of course, the fabulous Taj Mahal which completely overwhelmed me. The people in the village were so friendly, inviting us into their homes and no hassling at all. Thank you both so much for making the trip so great - your knowledge and love of India is obvious and you both coped with the group so well with patience and good humour. I can't wait to go back!