Stuart Bailey

Having recently returned from a trip to Northern Pakistan with my wife we would just like to express our gratitude to WILD FRONTIERS for organising everything and to let anyone else know how pleased we are that we went. We did not have even a remote sense of danger at all on any part of the trip, even though we visited all the places the British FCO specifically says not to go to; even the mosque in Peshawar at prayer time! In fact, on saying to strangers on the street who asked where we were from that we were English, the response was nothing worse than being told that England is a good country! Looking at the visitor books of a number of the smarter places which we stayed, half the British High Commission staff in Islamabad seem to be popping up north for weekend jaunts – which is strange when their advice not surprisingly leaves everyone in the UK scared stiff of going. We've got some fantastic memories of a country we both enjoyed enormously. Thank you again.