Rosie Wilson

Namibia is an assault on your senses! Firstly the light and the colours. The bright oranges of the dunes, the constant deep blue of the sky, the ranges of yellows and beiges of the endless desert scenery interspersed with these rich green hues of the trees that manage to survive the heat and dryness. The foaming blues and whites of the seas on the skeleton coast and the rich burnt ochre skin of the beautiful Himba girls.. to the deep blacks and greys of the seals and dolphins we encountered at Walvis bay.. The harsh eye closing brightness of the landscapes at mid-day to the bejewelled night skies whilst wild camping in the desert with not a human created light for many miles.. the endless cacophony of night time creatures as we settled in our tents. All this came together with the days in Etosha where the colours were all mixed up in a mosaic of life of all the animals, birds and insects we encountered. The hot earthy smell of desert and elephant and lion and wildebeast, the patterns on the zebra, springbox and giraffes! All this made for an experience I will never forget.. days and dates and times forgotten as we all became absorbed in this journey of discovery, shared with likeminded people! We made good friends, laughed, and recounted experiences of our day over iced beers and dinner.. a perfect holiday, a perfect escape from the daily routine of life.. I loved Namibia