Richard Murton

As an experienced traveller, I was delighted to find myself back on the road again only this time without any of the hassle that comes with back-packing. In the whole 3 weeks jeeping through northern Pakistan all my senses had a work out they hadn't had for years and I believe desperately needed. Jonny's infectious personality and bubbling enthusiasm for the country and its amazing history rubbed off on all of us as well as the numerous locals we encountered with whom he had built trusting friendships. I hardly once felt like a tourist on the trip as Jonny had compiled a completely unique itinerary designed to avoid too many well trodden places, but including many lesser known paradises, and that coupled with the genuine friendliness of the local people gave all of us a warm feeling as part of the scenery, which in itself was utterly breathtaking most of the time. If you are looking for a real adventure with a smattering of endurance, a Wild Frontiers trip will be one you'll never forget.