Pippa Solleveld

This was my first tour with Wild Frontiers and I was most impressed. We covered a lot of ground, yet it still felt personal – the trip was one big highlight!

Shwe Dagon pagoda was a wonderfully vibrant and stimulating start to the tour, and dawn at the U Bein bridge was magical…glorious pinks & oranges of sunrise with the sound of monks chanting and villagers chatting as they crossed the bridge. I also loved the numerous opportunities to walk through countryside, visit local villages and villagers, and the train journey was a great opportunity to see countryside and folk going about daily business. So many sights and memories… Dawn at Bagan (seen many pictures but that doesn't prepare you for the true scale and beauty of the place). Travelling from Shwe Inn Tha hotel at dawn back to Nyaung shwe. Mist rising from the lake; boats appearing out of the mist; moon setting on one side and the sun rising on the other. Doesn't get much better than this!

The holiday was also punctuated by random surprises which are often so special as unexpected & unplanned but give a wonderful 'snapshot' on the daily lives of people in the region