Louisa Thompson

It's difficult to say which part of the Silk Road was my favourite as it was all so amazing, but for me I found riding through the Tien Shan Mountains quite unforgettable. The scenery literally took my breath away. Amongst lots of Marmots and Yaks, we saw wild deer and wild eagles, and then stumbled across another Yurt in the middle of completely nowhere! at which point, the mother and her two little ones came running out to greet us and I very proudly gave them some of our packed lunch. The Yurts we stayed in were extremely cosy and the Nomads were very hospitable and much better cooks than! The food was delicious. Tash Rabat was also extremely beautiful to ride around and we had lots of gallops followed by some vodka toasts against the backdrop of a burning red sunset. The whole trip took 17 days and each day whilst being very different from the last one, was sure to be filled with excitement, adventure and a lot of fun. The 7 other people on my trip were of varying ages but all completely game on for a laugh. The team atmosphere made the journey very easy and I shall never forget being hoisted up into a coal lorry with 25 other Italians, in order to get out of China ! Waiting for us at each and every border were our guides, who gave us a warm welcome and were happy to share their knowledge and listen to our stories of what had happened to us the previous day! All in all a holiday I shall remember for a very long time.