John Keeling

Just wanted to thank you so much for organising our trip to India. Jack and I had the most fabulous time as you might imagine. It made a huge difference having your guides and the background organisation; arriving in India for the first time it allowed us to relax and enjoy ourselves whereas otherwise we might easily have retreated to our hotel in Delhi and completely missed out on the old town, the spice market etc… Best meal of the whole trip was at Lazeez in Delhi. Chrystal Ball in Varanasi was a close second and we could walk back to the Ganges Palace from there which was nice. The guide in Varanasi was incredibly knowledgeable... indeed all your people were very impressive. As you can imagine, the cricket was excellent, I stalked Michael Atherton (see photo), we all wore stupid clothes and hats, excellent result. I was struck more than ever that Wild Frontiers is a massive achievement. Thanks again from us both.