Jerry Sorkin: Iconic Journeys Worldwide

As a Conde Nast Travel "Specialist" tour operator, when developing new programs we normally choose destinations that I personally know well. While India is a country I have visited many times, I had not visited the very northern region of the Himalyas and Kashmir, hence I asked Wild Frontiers to work with us to develop a unique tour that we could offer under our own banner and I felt confident they would adhere to the very high standards and providing unique experiences that our clients have come to expect from having been on our programs.

In short, Jonny and his team did a terrific job, which was underscored by the high marks and comments I received from clients, post trip. We will certainly be using Jonny again. This also underscores, in my opinion, the scrutiny CNT has given over the years in choosing who to award the vetted title, "Top Travel Specialist".