Janet Pickering

The Ladakh Festival Trek was truly one of the best holidays ever. I think the comment by one member of our group half way through our second week sums it up "how did we manage to get six weeks off work for this trip". So much was packed into this holiday, although at no time did we feel rushed. The drive from Shimla to Leh was indeed spectacular - brought tears to my eyes, not from the bumpy road but just to see the sheer beauty of it all. Although I still have imprinted in my mind those poor Nepali workers laying hot tarmac with their bare hands. Then the trek - a little tougher than I'd thought but we did it and what a feeling of achievement that brought. As for the food. In all the hotels and restaurants it was excellent. But how on earth did our cooks on the trek manage to come up with such culinary wonders. Wonderful curries, Chinese and Tibetan delights and even crème caramel and warm chocolate cake. Our group, which was a diverse bunch, got on really well together and I feel sure many firm friendships were made. As for Johnny Paterson, our group leader, he was wonderful - We think Wild Frontiers should patent his apricot vodka!