Jamie Flint

Riding through the Avenue of Volcanoes in the Andes was one of the most spectacular things I have done. It was amazing to see such a varied landscape of the lush pastures to the sparse volcanic areas. Not only was it the landscape but to be able to stay at some of the most spectacular haciendas as well, many of which were still working, with great atmospheres and incredible hospitality. To see the local chagras working gave you an immense feeling of really being out there and part of a fascinating culture and long lasting traditions. We were fortunate enough to have fantastic guides who were able to answer any of our needs and questions as well as being guided on many routes by the chagras who know the area like the back of their hand. To be part of a trip that is really able to see beyond the mainstream destinations of Ecuador has been one of the most memorable adventures I have ever embarked upon.