Jackie Newey

This was my first trip to India and I'd spent a long time choosing the tour. I could not have had a better introduction to that part of the world. The pace was varied but never rushed and we had time to get the feel of every place we visited, getting involved with the local people and made to feel welcome by everyone. The unexpected should be expected.....we had an unplanned stop in one village and it produced an invitation to a wedding for a short while because 2 of us went in search of the drumming we could hear. We were constantly stopping to watch events, listen to music or accepting an invitation into someone's house. The camel fair at sunrise was a joy, definitely worth the early get-up! Smokey fires, figures stirring, wrapped in their blankets with colours beginning to glow as the sun cast its' light over the panorama of camels, cattle and horses. Proud ownwers posing by their animals as we took their picture.
Every day had a highlight and our guide had detailed knowledge which made the experience even better.
The 2 weeks flew by and in the end, did not feel like enough time. I'll be returning very soon, I hope. I'm well and truly smitten.