Debbie Dear

Our India tour with Wild Frontiers was a fantastic experience. We normally don't do tours as we like to travel independently. But, we have been converted. We liked the small group feel, the tour guide - JP - was outstanding and adjusted to our needs. We went to places and did things that we would never have been able to do on our own. It was the small things that made the trip as well as the people we met. We travelled to India in monsoon time of year, but only had one afternoon of rain which we celebrated in style - we were at Castle Bijaipur and JP decided we would take our a 4x4 jeep out in the rain, through flooded roads, drinking rum and coke in the back of the jeep and dancing to "The Twist" song on a waterlogged bridge. You had to be there to appreciate the special time we had. If you are thinking of Wild Frontiers and Village India we cannot recommend it enough.