Bob and Jackie Pakes

Thanks for all your help in organising our trip which was a great success as far as we were concerned. The Burmese Explorer package met and exceeded our expectations. Meeting the hill tribes was amazing, they were so welcoming towards us, although I have to say having Jake as a tour leader really helped as he is such a lovely person and has such a natural and encouraging way with the people we met, especially the children. The way he related to the people made our trip so special. Also his organising of our local guides to get the best from them made it really special for us. It was obvious from the outset that he had done his homework and made contact with the guides and the people we were to meet prior to our trip; this made our visit even more rewarding.

The three day trek was probably the highlight, the fact that we did not see any other groups for the first two days was down to good planning. The porter/cooks were magnificent, how they managed to prepare the food they did was amazing. They really were some of the best meals of our trip. It was also the little extras that Jake managed to pack into our itinerary that added even more to the experience. Inle lake, on a boat powered by young local fisherman, was the best of these extras. We could carry on for a lot longer about how his thoughtfulness helped to make everything special.

Our trip to the Andaman Islands was the icing on the cake. We were a little unsure that everything would work but the company who dealt with us on your behalf were great. Every time someone was due to meet us, there they would be, even when our plane was delayed by three hours on the way to Kolkata.

I have to say the jeep that picked us up from the ferry port to Barefoot Havelock was a bit of a surprise and we did wonder where exactly we were heading for. Barefoot Havelock was great and the fact that it is away from the majority of the other resorts made it even more special. The beach there was wonderful and the sunsets truly memorable. The bungalow we stayed in was really comfortable and had good facilities. We had sort of planned not to eat there everyday but after the first evening's dinner we could find no better place to go. We mixed up our days there with organised trips, snorkelling, trekking with trips to beaches we planned ourselves. Even the reefs that were according to locals not that good for snorkelling we found wonderful. The highlight being coming eyeball to eyeball with about 20 hump head wrasse. Have a look on Wikipedia to see exactly what I'm talking about.

As you can probably tell we had a great time and once again thank you for organising it for us. We can certainly recommend it to any other travellers.