Berit Askheim

The Wakhan Pamir tour definitely counts to my top 5 trips. I left from Europe with high expectations of an adventure and came back again with unforgettable impressions after some incredible 2,5 weeks.

The scenery is fabulous with wild, partly snowcapped mountains, dry landscapes in all nuances of brown-greyish with green patches, green to yellow fields and the Panj and Wakhan rivers flowing in greyish to blue. In this scenery smallish cattle, goats, zows, yaks and the one and other bactrian camel, lively children, colorful, red dressed women and small partly goat like men with weatherbeaten faces are appearing as we move slowly forward on challenging “roads”. All people are busy with harvesting before the winter comes - with methods that make me feel like taking a step 150 years back in time - mixed with the one and other Afghan man with beard and the famous, flat beige hat as if stepping out of a TV program.

How lucky I am to have had this unique experience! One recommendation for anyone who wants to go there: bring your thermarest for a soft sleeping comfort so that you are well fit for the days.