Anna Donald

It was a fascinating trip. We drove through the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen with meandering rivers, huge gorges and mountain ranges and snow-capped mountains of over 8000m peaks in the distance. The people we met were friendly and, due to a lack of tourists, they were very interested in us. It was nice to meet the people I have read about in Jonny Bealby's book 'For A Pagan Song'.

The value of things was also so much cheaper than India, probably partly due to the lack of tourism. I brought back some stunning jewellery and clothes. The cotton there is of superb quality and they have plenty of ruby mines in Hunza.

Wild Frontiers looked after us very well and we stayed in a mixture of places - some very beautiful places and others basic. The itinerary was perfectly planned. I am so glad that I took the plunge and visited this beautiful country.