Anna Donald

The Central Mexico recce riding trip was undoubtedly one of the most amazing, challenging and rewarding experience I have ever had. The horses were strong and definitely the sturdiest I have yet to come across and at times, they were tested to the fullest when riding through very steep topography. The places we rode through were stunning and very diverse, ranging from beautiful UNESCO World heritage towns to grand canyons and along railway lines and tunnels. The food was fantastic (being a foodie, that is always something that I worry about!) but on this trip, our lovely cook was resourceful and extremely hard working, up before dawn and working throughout the day. Our horse guide, Rodrigo, had planned a wonderful adventurous ride for us and included activities such as abseiling down a canyon, air gun shooting at targets to surprising us with the most amazing subterranean Mayan hot baths. His daughter, Monique, was really helpful and it was great fun to have had her with us. I would love to do it all again. Thank you Wild Frontiers for organising such a wonderful trip.