Andree Jordan

Experiencing the total eclipse of the sun with a group of Kasak herdsmen on a hill in the far west of Mongolia MUST be one of the highlights of my life so far. To have travelled to a place in the middle of absolutely nowhere, without any of the hassle of making the arrangements, and not having to think about where to eat or sleep was, in my mind fantastic. A seasoned traveller, who has arranged many trips for school groups, to be taken, without having to arrange anything, was so relaxing. Everything was taken care of. But then what? Was it worth all that way for the few minutes of totality. Most definitely. The rest of the trip was just as enjoyable, with a great variety of activities, but all arranged so that ability did not matter. Everyone was included. From horse riding to bird watching, and cultural evenings, there was always something to do, but with plenty of time to relax as well.