Alex Rivers

We have just come back from India on our tour of Rajasthan. After our initial booking of the trip I became slightly worried about what we were about to undertake!

However, as soon as we met our guide at Delhi I knew were were going to be fine. We were met by Tej, who looked after us from the first moment we met until our departure from Udaipur two weeks later. In his words he welcomed us into "his love, his India" and we left as friends, totally under the spell of this fascinating country.

We were immediately immersed in the culture and daily life while moving around Rajasthan by bus, stopping for one or two nights in big city hotels or heritage properties in the country and smaller places too. For me the things that struck me most were the vibrant colours, the different smells, the cows walking down the motorways and the beautifully dressed Indian women working so hard in the fields, harvesting crops in blazing heat, with their children playing alongside them. It was all so different to our own country and such a contrast to our lives in England. I loved every scenario we came across and would recommend anyone to take the opportunity to try something new and go to India if the opportunity arises.