The Pink City Rickshaw Company

Empowering Women

The Pink City Rickshaw Company is an amazing sustainable enterprise, set up by non-for-profit organisation Access Development Services, that provides innovative employment opportunities for women from low-income households in Jaipur, India as driver/guides. The initiative aims to empower local women, break the stereotype of a woman's role in India and provide them with the chance to develop a career and even gain shares in the company.

The ladies are also taught basic English language skills to be able to provide basic information to their visitors. The aim is not for them to provide an in-depth tour full of historical facts, but instead to allow visitors to step behind the scenes of one of India's most beautiful cities, and soak up their surroundings away from the typical tourist crowds, in addition to supporting a very important and inspiring initiative that is leading the way in experiential travel in India.

With over £4000 funds raised by the Wild Frontiers Foundation, we have purchased two new electric rickshaws and trained five local women to become driver guides. We are continuing to support the ladies and the sustainability of this fantastic social enterprise by booking Wild Fronters clients onto tours with the Pink City Rickshaw Company while in Jaipur.

We believe this initiative is responsible and sustainable tourism at its best, breaking down barriers and offering our clients a truly unique travel experience, while supporting a local enterprise that offers disadvantaged women the chance to build a career and drastically improve the livelihoods of themselves and their families.

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