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Khaplu is a beautiful village just a few miles east of Skardu with picturesque terraced fields growing all sorts of crops. Khaplu was once a famous and wealthy kingdom and the Khaplu Palace was once the residential fort of the local ruler. After the Aga Khan Foundation showed interest in the palace, it was renovated and turned into an exquisite hotel which is one of Pakistan's most beautiful and charming properties. From Khaplu you can follow the Shyok and Hushe Rivers into the heart of the Karakoramand ...

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Superior | Heritage Hotel

Khaplu Palace, Khaplu

This 19th Century Fort has recently been restored to its former glory by the Aga Khan Foundation and as such is an excellent escape in this rural area of Baltistan. Located just outside of the town,…


Travel to Pakistan with like-minded people on one of our small group tours (usually max size 12), featuring knowledgeable local guides and an expert tour leader.


Pakistan: Summer Mountain Explorer

Travel from Islamabad through the Kaghan Valley and to the Deosai Plateau, Fairy Meadows, the Hunza Valley and meet the Kalash people. Certain departures include the Shandur Polo Festival.
21 days from £4,395

Complete Northern Pakistan

This exciting itinerary takes you beyond the highlights and delves deeper into this fascinating northern region of Pakistan, accessing some of the remotest areas and vast mountain landscapes, home to welcoming communities and unrivalled adventures.
23 days from £5,725
Classic Baltistan
Signature Trip

Classic Baltistan

Enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery of Baltistan, a less-visited part of northern Pakistan and home to some of our favourite properties and towns where you can enjoy colourful markets and warm hospitality.
13 days from £3,395