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Central India is simply the heart of the country, a soft and mystical land peppered with ancient temples and majestic forts, whose forests and jungle teem with wildlife and punctuated by some of her most vibrant and historical cities.

Although one of the least explored regions of the country, Central India has a huge amount to offer the modern traveller. Jumping off the busier tourist trails of Rajasthan and the Ganges River plain, here you will find many stunning historical monuments, ...

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Premium | Boutique Hotel

Abode Boutique Hotel, Mumbai

The Abode is a fantastic option in the heart of Colaba which offers character and quality in the form of a friendly boutique hotel. The property aims to offer its guests a more personal, authentic…
Premium | Resort

Denwa Backwater Escape, Satpura National Park

Denwa Backwater Escape overlooks the backwaters of the Denwa River dam, on the edge of Satpura National Park. Surrounded by 10 acres of forest and grassland, the lodge melts into the landscape due to…
Premium | Traditional Accommodation

Deobagh Gwalior, Gwalior

Deobagh is quite simply one of the most stunning heritage hotels in this part of India. The hotel is situated around two 17th and 18th century Maratha temples, two cenotaphs and one pavilion with 36…
Luxury | Resort

Evolve Back Hampi, Hampi

Inspired by the magnificent royal palaces, temples of the Vijayanagara rulers at Hampi, Evolve Back (previously Orange County) Hampi is a luxurious hotel set within lovely landscaped gardens featuring…
Premium | Lodge

Flame of the Forest Lodge, Kanha National Park

The Flame of the Forest Lodge is a new lodge on the edge of the Kanha National Park close to the main entrance of the National Park. The lodge has just 4 luxury cottages, which means that guests are…
Premium | Resort

Forsyth Lodge, Satpura, Satpura National Park

This wonderfully stylish and atmospheric new Forsyth Lodge at the recently opened Satpura National Park lies just a few minutes from the beautiful Tewa Reservoir and the park entrance. With a backdrop…
Superior | Lodge

Hampi's Boulders, Hampi

This wonderful property is the perfect place to enjoy some downtime when visiting Hampi. Located right on the northern banks of the Tungabhadra River about an hour from Hampi's archaeological ruins,…
Premium | Traditional Accommodation

Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal

Built in 1890 by the Nawab's second son, Obaidullah Khan, commander-in-chief of the Bhopal state forces, this former royal palace is pretty much what you would expect of a converted heritage hotel.…
Premium | Resort

Jehan Numa Retreat, Bhopal

The Jehan Numa Retreat is a charming retreat within the outskirts of Bhopal city, tucked away in an evergreen jungle of Van Vihar. It is the sister hotel of Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, It is a wonderfully…
Premium | Lodge

Kanha Earth Lodge, Kanha National Park

Using locally sourced materials, the award winning Kanha Earth Lodge provides the perfect balance between a lodge that blends into the beautiful surrounding natural landscape, yet is still equipped…
Premium | Boutique Hotel

Noor-Us-Sabah Palace, Bhopal

This property is another of Bhopal's converted palaces, that sits on a hill slightly out of the centre offering commanding views of the city and her lakes. Spread over 18 acres of lush green gardens,…
Luxury | Lodge

Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, Satpura National Park

This is a wonderful property, situated in a picturesque location among deep forest on the fringes of the park, is owned and run by two royal princes of Bhopal and benefits greatly from their presence.…
Superior | Tented Camp

Shergarh Tented Camp, Kanha National Park

With just six tents, all of which recently went through a complete transformation and upgrade, Shergarh is a wonderful place from which to explore Kanha National Park. Each tent is set amongst a young…
Premium | Lodge

Singinawa Jungle Lodge, Kanha National Park

Singinawa Jungle Lodge is a beautiful lodge located within 100 acres of rewilded land, which is a corridor for wildlife and attracts a multitude of bird species. This lodge offers a chance to…
Luxury | Boutique Hotel

Soho House Mumbai, Mumbai

A luxury option located not far from the airport in Mumbai, Soho House is a gorgeous property featuring Indian yet contemporary style décor. Only a twenty-minute drive from the international airport,…
Luxury | Hotel

Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Built in 1903, the stunning Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is an architectural marvel and brings together Moorish, Oriental and Florentine styles. Offering wonderful panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the…
Luxury | Hotel

Usha Kiran Palace Hotel, Gwalior

A gorgeous, discreet, five star hotel with large lushly verdant grounds and a grand entrance with impressive Mughal arches and water features, this is the best option in Gwalior. The 120-year-old…


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