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Mention the name Bhopal and most will immediately think disaster. It was here, in December 1984, that one of the world's worst industrial catastrophes took place as the Union Carbide factory spewed toxic gas into the air, killing between 15,000 and 30,000 people. After almost three decades, the wounds of that terrible night are beginning to heal, leaving Bhopal an interesting and pleasant place to visit and from which to explore. The city itself is a pretty place, built around green hills and dramatic ...
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Premium | Traditional Accommodation

Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal

Built in 1890 by the Nawab's second son, Obaidullah Khan, commander-in-chief of the Bhopal state forces, this former royal palace is pretty much what you would expect of a converted heritage hotel.…
Premium | Resort

Jehan Numa Retreat, Bhopal

The Jehan Numa Retreat is a charming retreat within the outskirts of Bhopal city, tucked away in an evergreen jungle of Van Vihar. It is the sister hotel of Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, It is a wonderfully…
Premium | Boutique Hotel

Noor-Us-Sabah Palace, Bhopal

This property is another of Bhopal's converted palaces, that sits on a hill slightly out of the centre offering commanding views of the city and her lakes. Spread over 18 acres of lush green gardens,…


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