Conscious Travel Choices

Travelling more responsibly and sustainably is about choice. Our choices as a travel company and yours as travellers.

There's no hiding that carbon emissions produced by flying has a detrimental impact on the environment. However, as responsible travel can be a force for good, making considered choices about where and how we travel opens up a whole world of positives for the people and places we visit.

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Where We Travel

Consider the lesser-visited destinations

Countries making strides in nature tourism

Bucketlist destinations are obviously popular for good reason but with outstanding archaeological sites, gorgeous beaches and stunning natural wonders, come throngs of tourists. Unfortunately, some of these places are buckling under the weight of them. Consider a country or region that doesn't see as many visitors, like Kyrgyzstan. You're far more likely to get under the skin of a destination when you break away from the crowd and open yourself up to something completely different.

Choosing a destination that is earning its stripes in conservation is a great way to support regeneration and wildlife protection. Nature tourism plays an essential role in increasing tiger numbers in India. We work with Toftigers, a conservation organisation working to protect and increase tiger numbers, while ensuring the surrounding communities develop economically. Tiger numbers increased from 1,411 in 2006 to 2,967 in 2018! You can support this worthy cause on our Wild India tour.

Seek out adventures a little closer to home

Where trains are part of the journey

Real adventure can still be found closer to home! Consider shorter-haul holidays to reduce those air-miles. It doesn't mean you can't still feel a world away, get your dose of the truly exotic and immerse yourself in a different culture. Georgia, with its gorgeous landscapes and delicious food, makes for an amazing not-too-far-flung adventure for our British and European clients.

Travel, like most things in life, should never be rushed. Choosing a country that has a great rail system in place means you can explore at a slower pace and appreciate every moment. Seeing life play out from your window as the scenery unfolds or getting to know your fellow passengers is one of the most rewarding ways to travel. Our Great Indian Adventure aims to do just that.

How We Travel

Get off-the-beaten-track in more commercialised destinations

Travel off-season to avoid crowds & support tourism year round

Just because a destination is popular and attracts a lot of tourists, don't write it off! You can get off-the-beaten-track pretty much anywhere in the world and you'll get to discover a side to commercialised destinations you might not have known even existed. It also spreads your tourist money a bit further afield. Greece is a perfect destination to do this and travelling with us takes the guess-work out of where to go and what to do.

Travelling in the off-season is beneficial for everyone. You'll save money, avoid the crowds AND you'll be supporting communities and providing an income to local families year round. People might avoid visiting certain destinations in the 'rainy' season, but realistically, you might only experience a few hours of rain. It also lessens the pressure on popular tourist sites when visits are more spread out throughout the year.  

Take a longer trip, rather than multiple short trips

Pull on your walking boots for lower impact travel

Plan a longer, epic journey that will have a huge impact on you, but less impact on the environment. Taking lots of shorter breaks means your carbon footprint increases, but also on a personal level, won't allow you much time to really get to know a place. Allow yourself ample time to fall in love with a country, experience its plentiful highlights and really understand what that place is about. Our 21-day Pakistan Summer Mountain trip offers just that - a real, in-depth adventure that will leave you perfectly satisfied.

A walking holiday offers the chance to really immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the world's hidden wild frontiers and meet people along the way you may not otherwise meet. People that are likely to be just as excited at the prospect of meeting you, as you are them! Taking a country by foot is not only good for you, but is also perhaps the greenest way to travel. Fresh air, exercise, all while discovering a new place and being planet-friendly? Our Montenegro tour is perfect for this kind of low-impact travel.