How My Water-to-Go Bottle Gave Me Peace of Mind in India

Posted by Tara Buffington 22nd March 2019
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Let me start by explaining that I drink a lot of water on a regular basis; you would be hard pressed to see me without one of my refillable bottles in hand. Here in the Sierra Nevada Mountains we are incredibly blessed to have access to some of the purest drinking water imaginable – so I am quite spoiled!

When I am preparing for a trip overseas the question of water always comes to mind, and as silly as it may sound anxiety about fluid intake inevitably kicks in. Questions that come to mind include, “How much plastic will I have to waste on this trip to ensure that I’m drinking enough water? Will I have access to enough clean water throughout the trip? What about days where I am out and about exploring and don’t want to carry litres of water with me?”

When I heard that we were offering water filter bottles to our clients I was excited albeit a bit skeptical, as my previous experience with self-filtering bottles has not been great. Most seem to have some sort of downside whether it be the difficulty of use, having to hand pump, leakage, or not filtering well enough for comfort.

Despite this I recently decided to bring one of our Water-to-go bottles along for the ride on Wild Frontiers’ 16-day “Rajasthan: Taj, Temples & Tigers” trip in India… and I could not be happier that I did. I loved their ease of use and being able to simply fill from hotel and restaurant taps to ensure that I was getting my normal fluid intake. I was happily surprised that most of the travelers on our trip had also brought Water-to-go bottles along; our group wasted little plastic and stayed hydrated to boot!

My favorite refill moment: I was running a bit low on a hot day of touring and noticed a spicket at the City Palace in Udaipur in just the nick of time (plastic bottles were nowhere in sight for sale even if I wanted to buy)… it was such a relief to be able to fill right up and start drinking. I will be taking this water bottle on all overseas trips to come.

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